About the Research Seminar Series

King’s Research Activities Committee (RAC) is pleased to announce the return of the Research Seminar Series for Winter 2023. The series was put on hold from 2020-2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Research Seminar Series is a venue for faculty to engage with colleagues and students to share their ideas and celebrate research culture at King’s.

Continuing the highly successful format introduced under Dr. Laura Melnyk Gribble’s stewardship, there will be two lunch-time presentations in the Vitali Student Lounge (Wemple Hall 120).

Seminar 2: The Quantum Theory of Social Scientific Relativity: Homophily and Entropy
Dr. Joseph Michalski
April 4, 2023, noon - 1 p.m.

The talk focuses on one main part of a general unified sociological theory (GUST) of why human beings everywhere behave as they do, based on the combination of energy and information unevenly distributed across individuals and groups situated at relative positions—and yet always in social motion—within their fields of interaction. Key concepts include homophily and entropy. The theory explains why people are attracted to various individuals, ideas, and events, while at the same time are often repelled by or “dislike” to varying degrees wearing ties, certain ethno-racial groups, interdisciplinarity, rap music, science or religion, and this particular public lecture (but mostly like babies!).

Download the event poster.