Take advantage of everything King’s has to offer. Our student club brings the action with trips to New York, Washington, Boston and Ottawa. Engage with guest speakers and get plugged into employment networks at our alumni events. If you’re interested in politics at King’s, the Students’ Council is full of our students every year.

Not only are Political Science students leaders at King’s, they are set to be leaders after King’s. Once you’ve learned how to think critically and flexibly, solve problems and communicate persuasively, you can study and work anywhere. Many of our students go onto graduate school or law school, or they pursue post-graduate diplomas or certificates in a variety of fields. Just look at where our practical education can help you end up.

Government, Diplomacy, Social Action

  • Civil service
  • Campaign advisor, constituency office manager / chief of staff
  • Think tanks, NGOs and aid groups

Law, Rights and Justice

  • Crown attorney or private legal practice, public defender
  • Law clerk, negotiator, mediator
  • International law, business law

Business and Public Relations

  • Public relations (PR), advertising, human resources
  • Project management and consulting
  • Corporate social responsibility

Media, Communications and Identity

  • Investigative journalism, copywriter
  • Policy advocate, community organizer
  • Teaching, social work

For even more, check out DegreeToCareer.

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