Covid-19 College Closure and the Residence and Campus Life Office

The Residence and Campus Life Office is a designated essential service, and is open on weekdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm to support residents. Staff are also working remotely and can best be reached through email to Phone calls and Zoom meetings can be arranged through email.

The Residence application process for September 2020 admissions continues as usual. If you are a new student you will receive instructions on application. Current students can email the Residence and Campus Life Office if you are interested in residence.

The King’s residence community will be different this year. We are making some changes as a commitment to your health and safety, the health and safety of our entire community in our current Covid-19 environment.  

Changes this year:

  • All residence rooms will be single occupancy at the single room rate
  • Washroom facilities will be assigned to each resident. Approximately 2-3 residents will share each washroom amenity.
  • Move-ins will be scheduled and some new physical distancing measures will be in place.
  • Physical distancing and capacity limits will be in place in residence and campus common areas (lounges, food service locations, sports areas).
  • Residence community building and social events will include virtual events, and, if provincial regulations and recommendations allow, some small group physically distanced events
  • A shift to online delivery of many of the services provided by the Residence and Campus Life Office.

Residence planning will evolve and change as campus, municipal, provincial, and federal responses to COVID-19 evolve. 

What will not change this year:

Residence Supports
  • Residence Student Staff support: Residence Assistants and House Coordinators are here to help.
  • The Residence and Campus Life Office Professional Staff.  While more of our services will be online, the office will remain open as usual.
  • Residence Information Desk: students and security staff operate this desk to support you with lockouts, noise concerns and dispatch to the RAs on call.
Residence Food Service

Plans are currently underway to make sure we’re providing exceptional dining service while respecting physical distancing guidelines.

Residence Life Programming

While the restrictions may require us to limit interaction in physical spaces, our team is working hard to adapt our current practices and design an exceptional experience for you. This may mean that we interact more in smaller groups, one-on-one and virtually. We are committed to showing you what a community looks like – even in the most challenging times!

What changes to the Rules of Residence are in place this year?

Covid-19 Residence Life

King’s Residence is committed to following preventative measures to increase Covid-related safety in our community. Residence is a community that looks out for each other.  That care for each other is more important now than ever.

Residence life, and the Rules of Residence, are a little different this year.  These changes are in place for the good of the community. As the Covid-19 situation on campus and in the London community changes throughout the year, residence rules also may be adjusted to reflect the current situation.

Highlights of the changes to the Rules of Residence for 2020-21:


Residents will be free to visit other residence areas on campus.  Visitors who are not King’s residents will not be permitted in the traditional residence buildings. (Alumni Court, Wemple, Townhouses, International House).   Epworth Place and King’s Commons residents will receive more information about the precautionary measures for those areas. All residents must maintain established limits on the number s of students permitted in rooms and lounges, when in their own unit, and when visiting other units 

  • Maximum number of people in any residence room at any time is 3.
  • Overnight guests are not permitted.
  • An exception will be made for residence move-in.  Residents may be assisted by a maximum of two guests when they move in. Orientation leaders are permitted in their assigned residence units during OWeek.
  • Guests (residents who do not live in that unit) MUST use the designated guest washroom in each area.  Use of assigned washrooms is not permitted.

Assigned Washrooms

Each resident will be assigned a toilet stall, a sink and a shower.  You must only use these designated space.

Shared Space – Lounges, Study Rooms

Each residence lounge will have a posted maximum capacity which must be observed at all times. These areas are considered public space and are subject to public health guidelines for such spaces. 
Physical distancing of 6 feet in between people must be maintained at all times, and masks must be worn if more than one person is in the space.  Seating must remain in place.

The fridges in the kitchenettes will not be available for resident use this year. The freezer sections of fridges may be used by residents. Residents are encouraged to bring a mini-fridge (up to 3 cubic feet), or to rent a fridge from

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

As in all campus areas, King’s Residence will require you to wear a non-medical mask or face covering in the presence of others, in common and shared spaces on campus and when physical distancing is difficult to maintain. These masks must cover your nose and mouth.

You will be required to use handsanitizer prior  to entering residence buildings and food service locations.

The Residence and Campus Life Office will take a progressive discipline approach to non-compliance with the established Covid-19 precautionary measures.  Advising residents of these measures, and educating on the reasons for these measures will be the first response. A meeting with a Residence Manager will be requested should a second non-compliance incident be reported. Subsequent incidents will be subject to sanctioning under the Rules of Residence, and may result in loss of residence access privileges.

Will I be required to self-isolate prior to arrival?

New quarantine plan requirements for international and domestic students coming from abroad

Effective immediately, all Western University students (domestic and international), including those registered at Brescia, King’s and Huron University Colleges, who arrive in Canada from abroad are required to complete a 14-day quarantine and must register their quarantine plan with Western prior to, or immediately upon, arrival in Canada.

In addition, as of August 17, 2020, the Ontario government requires students in quarantine to be tested for COVID-19 at least once during their quarantine period. Please proceed to a COvid-19 testing center in your area of self-isolation.

Can King’s help me with my required self-isolation when I arrive in Canada?

King’s has made arrangements for residence and non-resident students to have access to a transportation and self-isolation service through Maple Assist.  Residents can also make their own self-isolation plan, with certain requirements for authorization to move into residence. More information can be found here.

All Residents coming into Canada from abroad must complete and submit a  Quarantine Plan .

I no longer want to live in residence in September but may want to live in residence in January.  Is residence still guaranteed for January?

Unfortunately, the guarantee will not be extended past September.  However, you are welcome to apply for January residence and spaces will be assigned on a first come first served basis, January applications will open in mid-October.

If I don’t come this year, will I be able to defer my guaranteed residence until Fall 2021?

You will be welcome to apply for residence for Fall 2021, however, a place in residence will not be guaranteed. Contact the Residence and Campus Life Office in November if you wish to apply for 2021-2022 residence.

What can I expect if the Covid-19 situation in residence changes?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in how we live and interact with one another, both on campus and in our local communities.  In consultation with local public health authorities, and in keeping with federal and provincial regulations, King’s Residence will continue to respond to the Covid-19 situation as it evolves, in a manner that maintains our core commitment to the care and respect of all members of the residence community.  We will work together to provide a residence experience that supports residents, within the guidelines of safer interactions. We also know that we must prepare should the pandemic threaten the health and wellness of our community. Due to the uncertainty created by COVID-19, King’s University College reserves the right to delay occupancy or terminate the Residence Agreement with you in the event that: (1) King’s  determines that it is prudent or necessary to do so for reasons of public health or student safety, or (2) King’s  is required by law, order or directive to close one or more residence areas, to limit the number of residents, or alter the normal operation of residence.

While any situation or directive that arises will dictate specific responses, there are some things we expect may occur should we experience a Covid-19 outbreak, or campus closure.

  • Residence guest policies may be modified. This could include residents in some areas being asked not to visit other residence areas, and some areas being closed to all guests.
  • Access to shared spaces like lounges and study rooms may be limited or closed.
  • Residence programming may be moved to online formats exclusively.
  • Residence and Campus Life Office and Residence Information Desk in-person services may be limited.
  • Food Services may alter service models. Residents may be assigned designated times for food service, some food service stations may be closed, residents from outbreak units may move to a “pre-order and delivery to room” model of food service.
  • If the campus closes, residents who live within driving distance of King’s will be expected to move out of residence by a specified date (within a few days).
  • Residents who live  out of province or out of country will be permitted to remain in residence longer, if public health authorizes this.
  • Residents may be required to relocate to new  rooms or buildings
  • If residence closes, residence fees will adjusted

Like you, we are hoping that the residence year proceeds as normally as possible.  We also want all residents to be prepared for the changes to residence life that may arise.

Should we determine that closing residence is advisable, those residents who can return home will be expected to do so in a timely manner.

Alumni Court
Wemple Hall
International House
Epworth Place Houses
King's Commons

Live in the heart of the King's University experience and apply for residence!

Living in residence offers another dimension to your King’s experience.  Living close to all the resources at King’s and living with classmates is an excellent way to thrive academically.  Living in residence places you next door to campus resources and facilities, but more importantly, it is a supportive learning environment. We know that your first-year experience is an important time of transition and we are here to help you achieve your goals. And, we know upper year students often want to continue living in the supportive residence environment that the Epworth Houses and King's Commons can offer.  In addition to the full-time staff in the Residence and Campus Life Office, Residence Assistants, Residence House Coordinators, Residence Sophs, and King’s Academic Peer Mentors are all here to offer peer support.

We are proud of the diversity of our residence students. Students from many backgrounds and many countries make their home with us. Diversity is celebrated and respected in the residence community.

Benefits of Residence Life

  • Residence Guide
  • Residence Handbook
  • Make lifelong friends in a caring community
  • Fastest commute to class - ever!
  • Enjoy your meals in the three food services locations at King's - offering a wide selection of food choices.
  • Student lounges and study lounges available in most building styles
  • Laundry on each floor in Wemple and Alumni Court and in each townhouse. Also in each house and apartment.