Clayton Anderson

A lot of career progression comes down to good communication. That's what you learn with an English degree.

Clayton Anderson

BA '97 English

Current Career

Organization: Adventures Canada

Title: Vice-President of Product Development

Career overview

I started at Adventures Canada as a marketing coordinator. I was writing brochure copy, writing correspondence, you name it! Anything that went out from the company was written or edited by me. As I came to prove that I had other skills, I started working on the ships and presenting the trips as well. I’ve been all over the world with this company. I did that for a few years and it led into growing the marketing department and growing the business, to the point that I had to get a couple of assistants to help me. I moved up to more of a director role and then I became the Vice-President of Marketing. From there, I went on to product development a couple of years ago. I was able to become a specialist in polar travel and ship travel in general.

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Posted: 2018