Western’s Faculty of Education will guarantee entry into the B.Ed. program for King’s graduates who successfully compete a French, Catholic Studies for Teachers, Childhood and Youth Studies, or a Social Justice and Peace Studies degree program with an overall average of at least 75% and fulfill all other requirements for admission to the Faculty of Education.

Social Justice and Peace Studies students may pursue the Intermediate/Senior stream and for guaranteed admission you must meet the requirements below:

70% in best 10.0 credits

A minimum weighted average of 75% in best 5.0 SJPS credits, with at least a 1.0 Psychology or Sociology credit

Minimum 70%in 3.0 credits to support a second teachable

  • 1.0 credit: Psychology 1000 or Sociology 1020
  • 0.5 credit: Psychology 2840F/G OR Sociology 2206A/B OR any other 0.5 credit course in Psychology/Sociology from the SJPS Approved List
  • 1.0 credit: SJPS 1025F/G and SJPS 1026F/G
  • 0.5 credit: SJPS 2290A/B or Indigenous Studies 2218F/G
  • 1.0 credit: SJPS 3500E
  • 0.5 credit: SJPS 4404F/G
  • 0.5 credit: SJPS 2301A/B, SJPS 2302A/B, SJPS 2303A/B, SJPS 2304F/G

**These requirements are subject to change. Please consult your Academic Advisor for any updates.

Students applying to the Faculty of Education Intermediate/Senior program must identify a preferred teaching stream from among five choices. The Urban Education and International Education specialty areas align very well with the Social Justice and Peace Studies program. Additionally, students must also identify a secondary specialty area on their application.

In addition to King’s requirements, students need to meet all the other requirements for admission to the Faculty of Education: https://www.edu.uwo.ca/teacher-education/apply.html

If you meet the above requirements, and would like to like to be considered for guaranteed admission you will need to fill out this form https://forms.kings.kucits.ca/Forms/Faculty-of-Education-Pathway. For additional information, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Allyson Larkin: alarkin2@uwo.ca.

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