The timing of the second transition from B to C is based upon the guidelines dictated by the Province and by the Middlesex Health Unit. When they deem it safe to return, we shall do so.

Overall Objective: Operate a blended campus model of virtual and in-person classes and services when safe to do so.

Goal 1: Maintain appropriate density on campus to facilitate physical distancing

Goal 2: Offer a full selection of courses, programming and services online and/or in-person where possible

Goal 3: Protect the health and safety of faculty, staff, and students who will be physically present on campus

Goal 4: Ensure that academic progress for students is uninterrupted

Goal 5: Ensure that research activities for faculty and other researchers on campus will be supported as much as possible and that tenure or promotion processes will not be negatively impacted by limitations to research as a result of the pandemic

Goal 6: Communicate completed plans, policies, and processes outlined below

Possible timeline: Fall 2020 TBD Timeline: September 9, 2020

Campus-wide plans, policies, or procedures that will be completed include use of office space, communications, self-health assessment process, blended service model in student services, library, ADO, ES, Finance.


  1. Classes begin in  a blended format (270) or online format (650)
    1. 270 courses are made available to all students whether they can attend campus in-person or not
  2. Where possible staff and faculty should continue to work from home unless their job requires them to be on campus
  3. Limited meeting gatherings, in accordance with provincial guidelines, can take place only if necessary
  4. Shared office space, where necessary, is used with physical distancing measures
  5. No outbound or inbound travel for exchanges, courses, research or other King’s related travel unless government guidelines indicate it is safe to do so
  6. All student, staff, and faculty services and programming available either online or in-person where possible
  7. Frontline offices fitted with plexi glass protection, sanitizing stations, signage for physical distancing
  8. Frontline offices open with limited staffing – Enrolment Services, Financial Services, Counselling/Accessibility Services, Academic Dean’s Office (where possible)
  9. Library open on a limited basis with pick-up stations for requested books/resources
  10. Campus ministry offering liturgies and in accordance with directions/guidelines from the Diocese of London
  11. On-campus events will take place in accordance with permissible physical distancing measures in place and provincial guidelines regarding public gatherings or if not then in a virtual format
  12. Non-medical masks will be provided to faculty, staff and students and use will be strongly recommended required to be worn inside all buildings (except private offices) and when physical distancing is not possible
  13. Self-assessment questions posted and all community members asked to review each day