We have made the following updates with respect to our operations:

  • King's is operating as a Blended Campus in Phase CSee Hours of Operation.
  • Courses will continue to be online; some will be blended which means they include online scheduled “virtual face-to-face” sessions using Zoom. Other courses are fully online with no scheduled virtual class times but use asynchronous course delivery.
  • Please use our searchable timetable to find out if your courses have any scheduled virtual face-to-face class times.
  • IT support is available for students and faculty to facilitate the switch to online instruction delivery.
  • King’s Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development continues to offer remote support and students have full access to Western’s Digital Experience
  • The Write Place is offering tutoring services online.
  • Please refer to our Contact Us page

At King’s, we have a working group of senior leaders on COVID-19. The group has been meeting daily, on this topic along with following the latest information from trusted sources.