In the liturgy each of us is called to full, active, and conscious participation. As members of the worshipping community, many feel called to be more involved in the liturgy through the Ministries of Hospitality, Altar Server, the Word, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion and Music. At this time due to COVID-19, all ministries have been temporarily suspended with the exception of the ministries of the word and Music.


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As God’s word speaks to us through the scripture, God speaks to the gathered through the proclamation of the Minister of the Word. By proclaiming the scriptures in the liturgical assembly, the Minister of the Word brings to birth the living word of God and reminds us that God’s word is alive here and now. At this time Ministers of the word proclaim both the first and second reading.

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Music serves to excite, create, challenge and unite us in prayer. Far beyond the spoken word, music helps to put a voice to our faith and enables us to be touched by the very mysteries of God as we unite together in prayer. Ministers of Music lead and encourage the assembly in song and support the liturgical action through music. The ministry of music enlists both choir members and instrumentalists to support the sung prayer of the community. Two choirs serve the worshipping community – one that leads music at the 11:00am Eucharist and the other at the 5:00pm Eucharist.  The 11:00am Parish Choir rehearses at 7:00pm each Wednesday (Sept. to June) while the 5:00pm Choir rehearses at 4:00pm each Sunday (Sept. to April).  We also invite those who have the gift of vocal leadership to consider serving as Cantor. The Cantor’s primary role is to proclaim the psalm and the gospel acclamation as well as support the assembly’s song.  For more information, contact Janet Loo at PLEASE NOTE: During the pandemic, choral activities have been suspended until restrictions are lifted.