Join us for our Bridging Week from Monday, August 26 to Saturday, September 1, 2024. Bridging Week is a combination of academic orientation, practical workshops, and fun social activities specifically created for our international students. This program is highly recommended for degree students and is mandatory for all exchange and 2+2 program participants.

This program will give you an opportunity to become comfortable with King’s, Western and London before the excitement and hectic pace of the semester. It costs $600 CAD, and includes early move-in, accommodation, meals, workshops, transportation, and excursions. Parents and supporters can join the program for $200 CAD, which includes meals and excursions.

If you'd like to book transportation from Toronto Pearson International Airport to King's University College, we can do that for a fee of $140 CAD.

Please note that you cannot move in before Sunday, September 1 if you do not participate in the Bridging Program.

Check out this year's Bridging Week schedule.

If you have any questions, please email