(image: computerized note-taking)Based on your disability, part of the plan developed with your Accessibility Counsellor may include a note-taker to assist you with notes during lectures. Most often, Accessibility Services will ask your professor for assistance in finding a classmate who would volunteer to share his or her notes.

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing may be eligible for note-takers, interpreters or intervention, through the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the College Committee on Disability Issues.  Your Accessibility Counsellor will discuss this with you.

Non-volunteer note-takers are hired by SSD Western.  They are required to complete a training session where, in addition to being informed of expectations, (e.g. they must be available to attend every class), they are taught the importance of accuracy, dependability and maintaining student confidentiality. We encourage students to provide feedback about their note-taker(s), so we can be assured that you are satisfied with the service.

For more information contact Accessibility, Counselling & Student Development at acsd@kings.uwo.ca, 519-433-3491 ext. 7800 or visit Wemple Room 151.