The Impact of the Student Emergency Fund on King's Students

Student Emergency Fund - Impact of your Support

Dear Donors,

Thank you for contributing to King’s Student Emergency Fund during this pandemic.

The Emergency Fund came at a time when we all found ourselves fumbling to salvage our finances and figure out how to pay for things living in London, without jobs, away from our families and without support. Amongst major costs such as rent, the emergency funding helped me pay for groceries and bills, and took some stress off of my plate. As I had to move to a new apartment after classes ended, the funds contributed towards some of my moving and home expenses. Like me, there are hundreds of students at King’s who find themselves in financial stress due to this pandemic. Some of them are in dire need of money just to buy food. International students like me, who relied heavily on their jobs to pay for expenses, are most susceptible to finding themselves at a dead end with nowhere to go in terms of their finances. Your contribution helped me cover the basics – food and rent.

Your donation matters. Every dollar given matters. You are helping students like me who find ourselves worrying about every little expense having been laid off, lost a summer job, or finding ourselves with depleting savings. Your help is acknowledged by every student who receives this funding, either away from home or living at home. To pay for expenses without any income is difficult for sure, but it helps us to know that our community cares for us, that they believe in us. Thank you for supporting us and we hope you continue to believe in us.

Yours Sincerely,
Nistha Chakraborty
King's Student

The Student Emergency Fund has already helped many King's students, including Nistha Chakraborty, but there are still many students facing similar financial hardships.

Now, more than ever, King’s students need your help. If you are able, please consider a monthly or one-time gift to help students like Nistha.

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