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School of Social Work professor Dr. Rachel Birnbaum is studying the communication between a parent and child after a separation or divorce. She is conducting research on the use of smart technology for increasing parent-child contact and is seeking volunteers for her survey. Dr. Birnbaum invites all family lawyers, mediators and mental health professionals to complete the survey.

Despite the increased use of online communication forums, little is known about how different professional groups use technology, what kinds of online resources are referred to on topics related to separation and divorce, and the potential risk and safety considerations while using these technologies as a method of facilitating contact between children and parents after separation and divorce.  

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes. Results will be posted when the study is completed.  For further information please contact: rbirnbau@uwo.ca.

Please click here to take the survey.

Dr. Birnbaum will also be interviewing parents for a 20 minute telephone interview about their views and experiences with any form of online technology to as a means of a parent-child relationship post separation. She would like to speak to them about their views and experiences (strengths and challenges) with using this type of online technology post separation.

There is very little in the research about what parents have to say about it and whether in fact it is helpful or not to a parent-child relationship despite the parenting plans that incorporate its use.  Dr. Birnbaum also hopes to speak to their children about their views as well.

Dr. Birnbaum teaches in the area of children and families and on the intersection between law and social work. She is cross appointed with Childhood & Social Institutions (Interdisciplinary programs). Dr. Birnbaum has over 20 years of clinical practice experience working with children and families of separation and/or divorce, specifically focused on high conflict families. She was named Member of The Royal Society of Canada College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists for 2016.

Any parent can reach her at rbirnbau@uwo.ca.

Or call toll free at: 1-800-265-4406 ext. 4431 any time.