The King’s Econo-Math Society (KEMS) Club recently launched their own podcast: Mondays for Analytics and Data Science (MADS). The podcast will cover all things Analytics and Data Science (ADS), currently a minor in the King’s School of Management, Economics and Mathematics (MEM). The podcast is currently available on Spotify and YouTube.

“This podcast was formed to help students make connections between ADS theories and principles to careers and their everyday lives. As the Minor in ADS is a new program at King’s, it is important for the enrolment rate to grow as well as be recognized for the incredible knowledge and opportunities it can bring you,” says Stephanie Figueiredo, President of the King’s Econo-Math Society.

While the introductory podcast was approximately 12 minutes, created to engage and capture listeners with a lower time commitment, future podcast episodes will be 20-30 minutes and have more interactive concepts to engage listeners. With each published podcast, the hope is to release an introductory tutorial by ADS faculty professors related to the concepts discussed, allowing listeners to put into practice what they have learned.

Upcoming topics will include:

  • Introductory analytics and data science theories and problems
  • Interviews with King’s alumni currently working in the ADS industry
  • Opportunities for employment in ADS roles
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives in addressing biased data 
  • Real world crises issues such as COVID-19 and climate change from an ADS perspective

“The most interesting part, and what KEMS is founded on, is that these resources are made by students, for students, which allow us to directly connect to what they need and how it should be delivered. The MADS podcast is only the beginning, what will come next with each episode will be fueled by the motivated students who are excited to learn more and make meaningful connections,” says Figueiredo.

Plans for the podcast began in March 2020 when Felipe Rodrigues, Assistant Professor in the School of MEM, met with Figueiredo and Christopher Quadros about ideas to develop introductory resources for students interested in ADS.

Three additional members of the team (Amer Ajjawi, Kristen Fang and Rijul Jain) were brought on board in July 2020. Ajjawi and Fang, as co-producers, are responsible for research and script writing of the podcast. Jain, as a VicePresident of ADS Relations helps organize meetings, reviews the scripts and markets the podcast. Figueiredo and Quadros host the podcast while also assisting Jain with marketing.  The team has also received support from Assistant Professors Joseph Turnbull, and Tyler Pattenden, who have collaborated ideas for the future of the podcast.

To help promote the podcast, KEMS is currently running a giveaway, offering free Air pods to podcast listeners. The giveaway is open to all students, faculty, and alumni affiliated with Western, King’s, Huron, and Brescia. Giveaway details are posted on the KEMS Club Instagram.

KEMS is always open to new members throughout the academic year and welcome all passionate students to their team. To join, connect with KEMS Club via email or Instagram.