March 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

King's University College welcomed 31 teachers from Catholic school boards across Southwestern Ontario on March 27, 2015, for a full day of seminars on topics surrounding Childhood and Social Institutions, History, Social Work, and Sociology.

King's has developed dynamic partnerships with 29 Catholic school boards and educational. These Partner Boards have embraced the King's objective to educate the whole person. King's strives to provide an environment which engages the head, heart, body and soul, and hopes that Teachers at Scholars at King's (TASK) fulfills this objective.

The King's team offers educators of the Partner Boards an opportunity to participate in seminars whose topics are of interest to them as learners, regardless of the subject matter or teaching assignment. The philosophical underpinning of TASK is that intellectual ideas inspire and transform all educators across grade levels and disciplines. TASK also provides a rare opportunity for educators and King's to share their passion for teaching and learning. 

Teachers as Scholars at King's promotes what all dedicated educators support in their classrooms - thoughtful intellectual engagement and discourse.