June 21, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

All families of King’s graduating class of international students were invited to a Luncheon to honour of the achievements of the graduating students.  The luncheon was held on June 12th, the day following Convocation ceremonies at King’s.

The following students attended with their visiting families from China:

  • Ms. Renfang Tian, a degree transfer student from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), graduated with an Honours Specialization in Economics
  • Mr. Tao Wang, graduated with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies and an Honours double major in Finance and Management and Organizational Studies
  • Mr. Tianqui (Stanley) Xu  graduated  with a Bachelor or Management and Organizational Studies with an Honours Specialization in Finance and Administration

Next year Ms. Tian will be enrolled in a Masters of Economics program at the University of Waterloo and Mr. Xu will be completing his Masters at Queen’s University.  Mr. Wang indicated that he is ready to work and is open to finding a career in his field in China, Canada or elsewhere. 

King’s Principal Dr. David Sylvester, Academic Dean Dr. Sauro Camiletti, Professors Dr. J.D. Han and Dr. Xing Jiang, as well as professional officers, Lydia Li (Academic Dean’s Office) Kelly Schaus (Alumni Office) and Dr. Linda Weber, and current students Caleb Chan Abdel Salam (International Office) joined the graduates and their families proudly recognizing the challenges and fulfillments of completing a degree as an international student.  King’s Faculty and Professional Stafnoted that these students have been an asset to King’s local students and that the students have received an excellent education at King’s that will prepare them to be global leaders in Canada, China or elsewhere