If you are registered in the full International Baccalaureate Program, King's requires the following:

  1. successful completion of the IB Diploma including the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay
  2. passes in a minimum of 6 subjects of which 3 must be at the Higher Level;
  3. a minimum predicted score of 28  (additional points to a maximum of 3 will be awarded for the successful completion of the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge);
  4. no mark less than 4 on any individual course
  5. Prerequisites for your program as specified by King's*

* SL or HL math is required for admission to Management and Organizational Studies at King's.

Applicants completing the IB Diploma may be considered for conditional admission on the basis of predicted grades. Please send predicted grades directly to King's University College.

IB applicants who have successfully completed the IB Diploma and meet King's admission requirements, are eligible for transfer credit consideration for each Higher Level subject with a score of 5 or higher.

IB Transfer Credit Eligibility

Transfer Credit
Transfer Credit Given
HL Biology Biology 1001a and 1002b
HL Business and Management Business 1020 TRN
HL Chemistry Chemistry 1301a &1302b
HL Computer Science Computer Science 1026a and 1027b
HL Design Technology Science 1020 TRN
HL Economics Economics 1021A & 1022B
HL English English 1020E
HL French French 1900E
HL French B French 1020 TRN
HL Geography Geography 1400F/G & 1500 F&G
HL Greek Greek 1020TRN
HL History History 1020 TRN
HL Information Technology in a Global Society Interdisciplinary Studies 1020 TRN
HL Languages (Language) 1030
HL Latin Latin 1020 TRN 
HL Mathematics Calculus 1000A & Math 1229B
SL Further Math Calculus 1501 A/B + Mathematics 1020 TRN (0.5) 
HL Music Music 1020 TRN
HL Philosophy Philosophy 1020 TRN
HL Physics Physics 1501a and 1502b
HL Psychology Psychology 1020 TRN
HL Social and Cultural Anthropology Anthropology 1020 TRN
HL Theatre Arts Theatre Arts 1020 TRN
HL Visual Arts

Visual Arts Studio 1020

This is a sample list only. If you are taking courses that are not on this list, please contact the Admissions Office for their transfer credit eligibility. Transferred courses with a designation of TRN are not directly equivalent to Western/King's courses but may be used toward your degree. Western/King's courses numbered 1000 to 1999 are considered first-year courses.