Admission Requirements

Your admission will be based on your current secondary school curriculum. Please revisit our Admission Requirements page and select your secondary school applicant type.

Transfer Credit Eligibility

If you are registered in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and if you achieve  4 out of 5 on your final AP exam, you may be considered for transfer credit to a maximum of two full credits as approved by King's University College. To be considered for transfer credit, you must send the College Board results directly to King's University College as soon as they are available.

Western's Institution Code is 0984.

Note: Exact course equivalencies are currently under review.

  • AP Art History = Visual Art History 1040    
  • AP Biology = Biology 1001a and 1002b    
  • AP Calculus AB = Calculus 1000a/b    
  • AP Calculus BC = Calculus 1000a/b +1501A/B     
  • AP Chemistry = Chemistry 1100a and 1200b     
  • AP Computer Science A = Computer Science 1026A     
  • AP Computer Science AB = Computer Science 1026A/B + 1027A/B     
  • AP English Literature & Composition = English 1020TRN*     
  • AP Environmental Science = Environmental Science 1021F/G   
  • AP French = French 1910     
  • AP French Literature = French 1900E
  • AP History = History 1020 TRN* 
  • AP Human Geography = Geography 1400F/G     
  • AP Languages = (Language) 1002 TRN*     
  • AP Music Theory = Music 1122a/b     
  • AP Latin (Literature or Vergil) = Latin 1020 TRN*     
  • AP Physics B = Physics 1028a and 1029b     
  • AP Physics (Electricity 7 Magnetism) + Physics C (Mechanics) = Physics 1501a and 1502b     
  • AP Psychology = Psychology 1000     
  • AP Spanish Language = Spanish 2200     
  • AP Spanish Literature = Spanish 1020 TRN*     
  • AP Statistics = Statistics 1024A     
  • AP Studio Art 2D or 3D Design = Visual Arts Studio 2100A/B     
  • AP Studio Art Drawing = Visual Arts 2104A

*TRN indicates transfer credit is not an exact equivalent though credit is awarded

  • AP Economics
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP Government & Politics