Quebec Assessment Criteria

If you are currently attending a Quebec secondary school, you must complete a secondary school diploma or certificate by June including following to be considered for admission:

Bishop’s College School:

Six 4U or M level courses including English 4U.

Lower Canada College and Stanstead College:

Completion of the Pre-University program with six academic courses including English

For Students applying to Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) please note: A Senior Level Math course will be required and used in your admissions average.

For students applying to Social Science with the intention of completing a Degree in Psychology please note: a University Preparatory math will be necessary for mandatory math courses. However, the math course does not need to be used in calculating admission averages.

Self Reported Grade Forms should be submitted as soon as you receive mid-year grades.

Additional Admissions Information:
  • Courses with a credit weight of .5 will be counted as one half-course and will be combined with another course with a credit weight of .5 to make up one full course.
  • Co-op courses will not be included in the calculation of your admission average
  • Required Prerequisite courses will be used in the admission average. Recommended courses while necessary for course selection will NOT be used in the admission average if it is not part of the top five acceptable academic courses.
  • If a course has been taken more than once, the highest reported successful grade in the course will be used in the calculation of your admission average.
  • Grades obtained through Challenge for Credit will not be used in the calculation of an admission average.
  • King's University College at Western University will extend automatic alternate offers of admission. If you applied for a limited enrolment program ie. (BMOS) and do not meet our minimum requirements you will be considered for the Faculty of Social Science or Arts.
  • Upgrading in certain subjects, particularly Calculus, may be required during first-year to satisfy admission or progression requirements for Management and Organizational Studies.

Note: If you have a question regarding the acceptability of a course for admission consideration, please contact the Registrar’s Office at King’s University College.