Ontario Assessment Criteria

If you are currently attending an Ontario secondary school, these are our admission requirements:

How do we make offers of admission? 

  • We make admission decisions based on the grades we receive from the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) on a continuous basis.
  • We'll look at the grades in required courses for your program, plus your highest Grade 12 grades.
  • We will also consider your overall Grade 11 performance for early offers only.
  • If you have repeated a course, we'll take the highest of the two grades.
  • Taking online, summer or private school courses? Make sure they are approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education. If you are taking summer courses, please send us the registration information at info@kings.uwo.
  • You can complete an Applicant Profile (which describes extenuating circumstances and extracurricular activities), which we will consider in cases where the minimum average isn't met.

Program-Specific Requirements

Every program has specific course and supplemental requirements.

  • Required courses: You need these for admission to the program.
  • Recommended courses: You don't need these to be admitted, but we do recommend that you take them to be successful in your first year and to be able to take the courses you need in your program.
  • Supplemental requirements: These are additional forms to help us decide if the program is right for you.

Predicted Admissions Average Range (2023-2024)

Arts - A supplemental application will be required for the Catholic Studies for Teachers Program

Childhood and Youth Studies 79-80%
Disability Studies 79-80%
Finance and Wealth Management 79-80%
Human Rights Studies 79-80%
Management and Organizational Studies 79-80%
Social Justice and Peace Studies 79-80%
Social Science 79-80%
Thanatology 79-80%