If you are currently completing A-Level courses, please see requirements below:

How do we make offers of admission?

  • We will consider your application if you have all minimum requirements. For the best chance of admission, you’ll usually need predicted results of at least BCC.
  • Students may complete an Applicant Profile (which describes extenuating circumstances and extracurricular activities), which will be considered in cases where the minimum average wasn't met

Transfer Credit

Achieved at least a ‘B’ on your A-Level exams? Great! You may be able to receive transfer credit. These are credits that could count towards your degree at King’s University College at Western University.   

Subject Western Credit Credit Weight
Accounting Business 2257 1.0
Art (Art & Design) Visual Arts 1020 1.0
Biology Biology 1001A and 1002B 1.0 (0.5 each)
Business Business 1220E 1.0
Chemistry Chemistry 1301A and 1302B 1.0 (0.5 each)
Computing Computer Science 1026A and 1027B 1.0 (0.5 each)
Economics Not Eligible   
English Language Not Eligible   
English Literature English 1020E 1.0
Geography Geography 1300A and 1400F 1.0 (0.5 each)
History Not Eligible   
Arabic  Arabic 2250  1.0 
French French 1910 or 1900E  1.0 
German German 2200 1.0
Portuguese Portuguese 2200 1.0 
Spanish Spanish 2200 1.0 
Math Calculus 1000A 0.5 
Further Math Math 1229A/B 0.5 
Physical Education Kinesiology 1020 TRN* 1.0
Physics Physics 1101A and 1102B 1.0 (0.5 each)
Psychology Psychology 1020 TRN* 1.0 
Religious Studies Religious Studies 1023E 1.0 
Sociology Sociology 1020 or 1021E 1.0
Technology  Not Eligible  
Theatre Not Eligible