Telephone / Internet Banking

**Be sure to pay King's University College and NOT the University of Western Ontario.**
Information you will need to know:
  1. Our Client Name is King's University College Tuition Fees (may differ slightly according to bank).  If you are having difficulties finding King's University College, please view the chart below.  You may find it helpful to search the words "KING" or "UWO" .
  2. Please use the same payee for Residence Fees.  Students have one account at King's. 
  3. Your Account Number is your Student Number
  4. Fee Payment Amounts: Refer to the current year's Fee Schedule and your King's Statement of Account.
bank information
Bank Phone Number Website                            Payee Account Name

Bank of Montreal

1-800-363-9992                  KING'S UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT UWO

HSBC Bank Canada

1-888-310-4722                   KING'S UNIVERSITY COLLEGE  AT UWO

Royal Bank

1-800-769-2511          KING'S UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT UWO


1-800-267-1234        KING'S UNIV. COLLEGE AT UWO

TD Canada Trust


CIBC 1-800-465-2422                   KING'S UNIVERSITY COLLEGE-UWO   

-NOTE - if you are having difficulty finding the Payee Account Name online, you may find it helpful to search "KING" or "UWO" and the correct payee information should populate.  


-Credit Unions: Contact your branch to inquire if they can access our direct payment option.