Telephone / Internet Banking

**Be sure to pay King's University College and NOT the University of Western Ontario.**

Information you will need to know:
  1. Our Client Name is King's University College Tuition Fees (may differ slightly according to bank and should also be used to pay for Residence fees).  If you are having difficulties finding King's University College, note that you may have to search using the apostrophe between the ‘g’ and the ‘s’.
  2. Your Account Number is your Student Number
  3. Fee Payment Amounts: Refer to the current year's Fee Schedule and your personal King's Invoice online.
Instructions to the Bank:

Please fax or e-mail King's University College with the student name and student ID number, transaction date, confirmation number and the amount of the transfer.

Bank Phone Number Website
Bank of Montreal


HSBC Bank Canada


Royal Bank




TD Canada Trust


Students with CIBC or PC Financial are unable to pay King's using online banking.

Credit Unions: Contact your branch to inquire if they can access our direct payment option.

International Bank Transfers

GlobalPay for Students: The easy way to pay tuition and fees for international students
Ensure accurate payment of your tuition, spend less time at your bank, and get the funds to your University fast – Use GlobalPay for Students.

If you’re an international student, paying your tuition can be easily done by clicking the link below.

When you use GlobalPay for Students you can choose from one of 12 different languages to guide you through the tuition payment process (from anywhere in the world). You will know exactly how much to pay in your home currency* and be emailed a confirmation as soon as your transaction is complete.

Three Easy Steps for Paying Your Tuition and Fees
  1. Enter the GlobalPay for Students platform, select your language and follow the instructions.

  2. Print out the bank instructions.

  3. Give the instructions to your local bank and they will handle the rest for you, ensuring that the correct funds reach the University quickly.

 Advantages of GloablPay for Students
  • Transactions are routed through Custom House (the University’s foreign exchange provider), to the University so there is no risk of your payments falling short due to fluctuating exchange rates and unexpected bank fees.

  • Get all the information in the language you prefer with your choice of one of 12 languages for the entire online payment process.

  • Your payments are received quickly ensuring your account is in good standing with the University.

For more information/instructions, please view the video provided here.

(image: Student Pay Link)