King’s University College provides mobile communication options to employees who require them in order to fulfill their job requirements in one of three ways: 1) by issuing College owned devices, 2) by providing a communication stipend equivalent to cost of College-owned devices, or 3) by reimbursing business calls for infrequent users.  Eligibility for a mobile device is based on an employee's business need within their defined role.  

Eligibility requirements for College-supplied devices:

  • The employee’s role requires they receive or initiate communications in emergency situations.
  • The employee is required to be fully accessible, at any time of day, to the public, College faculty, students, staff, or alumni by telephone or electronically.
  • The employee's job requires frequent travel to a remote location or significant time away from their office.

Device and service costs to the user:

For Device and Service Provided by King’s
  • Primary purpose and use of the device is for College business including emergency situations and personal use is minimal.
  • Specific devices will be provided based on security and communication needs as set out in the ITS security policy for mobile devices.
  • Service plans will be selected based on current ITS preferred vendor package to obtain the lowest cost to the College.
  • If personal use results in plan overages, reimbursement to the College will be required. Departments will work with King’s Accounts Receivable for collection processes.
For Communications Service Stipends
  • Primary purpose and use of the device is personal, with portion of service regularly used for College business.
  • The stipend is to help offset the cost of the monthly business usage of a voice and/or data plan.
  • The stipend will be set by the Finance Department based on estimated regular business usage up to the maximum amount paid for service in provision 1) above.
  • The stipend will be paid through the payroll system as taxable income.
  • Personal equipment and service must be maintained while receiving the stipend.
Reimbursement for Business Related Calls
  • Employees that do not qualify for College owned devices or service stipends may submit expense reimbursement requests for occasional, incremental business expenses.
  • Incremental business expenses are those expenses that result in additional costs that are above and beyond the employee's normal calling plan (e.g. excess minutes, roaming charges).  This does not include a proportional repayment of normal plan fees.
  • To be reimbursed for calls or service, an employee must document the additional costs incurred and the business purpose.
NOTE: Security policies affecting mobile communications must be followed.  The information security policy for mobile devices is determined by King’s Information Technology Services and can be viewed here.