King's Information Technology Services does not guarantee the time or resources to repair, maintain or provide general hardware or software support for personally-owned devices of students, faculty and staff. Cleaning of viruses, spyware, and other operating system malfunctions are the responsibility of the device owner. King’s ITS strives to assist all members of the King’s community by providing unlimited support for all users and systems when resources are available. During busy periods support will be restricted to the official policy. 

Hardware Support

King’s ITS will not fix or install hardware on systems covered by manufacturer warranty or which require extensive and invasive support beyond the normal scope and liability of helpdesk repair. King’s ITS can consult on hardware purchases but is not responsible for hardware obtained by members of the King's University College community.

Network Support

King's faculty, staff, and students or students registered in a King's course may choose to connect their computers to the wired or wireless network. King’s ITS provides assistance with connections to the network, but is not responsible for hardware or software support of student owned computers.

Software Support

King’s ITS will assist with the installation of software that is course or work related and for which the appropriate licenses are in place or have been purchased. Support is only provided for legally registered versions of applications and operating systems.  Original copies of media and/or licenses must be supplied when requested.

Virus and Malware Removal

Students, staff and faculty using a personally-owned anti-virus software program are responsible for installing and maintaining their software.  King’s ITS can assist members of the King’s University College community with the removal of malicious viruses or spyware.


King’s ITS will not be held responsible for any loss or damages on personal computers or devices. Any services that are provided by ITS are only available on campus or in King’s University College locations.