The King’s University College network is a shared resource that supports the institution's goals. Computers connected to the network that are not protected by up-to-date anti-virus software and by the latest operating system updates are vulnerable to malware. Because an infected computer can harm network operations, any computer connected to the network by any means must run an up-to-date anti-virus application and keep all operating system software current with the latest security-related patches from the operating system vendor.

King’s Information Technology Services installs anti-virus software on all college-owned computers.  Students and faculty are permitted to use any anti-virus software as long as the application has not expired and the virus pattern files are up-to-date.  For assistance in properly configuring your computer to run up-to-date anti-virus and/or operating system software and identifying options and solutions should you encounter difficulties, please contact the ITS help desk.  

All devices connected to the College wired network must be registered with ITS.  For security reasons, network addresses will not be given to unknown devices.  Contact the ITS help desk to register equipment for connection to the wired network.

ITS reserves the right to block or suspend network access to vulnerable or infected computers to preserve the integrity of network operations.  Users are responsible for the integrity of their account and any activity within the account.  Please review the Acceptable Use Agreement for more information.