For the purpose of this policy, students are defined as individuals who are registered at King’s University College. Employee refers to all faculty and staff members employed by the University.


This policy commits King’s University College to provide employees and students with a single e-mail address which is the sole address to be used for official university e-mail communication. This policy applies to all College employees and students.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to ensure that each employee is provided with a single e-mail address and to inform new employees of this policy and related procedures at time of hiring.
  2. It is the responsibility of Enrolment Services to inform new students of this policy and related procedures at time of registration.


This is the e-mail address provided by King’s University College or Western University which is to be used by students and employees when they use e-mail to communicate with each other on official university matters.

All individuals should be aware that e-mail communications may be time sensitive and that failure to appropriately check e-mail will not exempt them from any responsibilities associated with the e-mail correspondence.  Address holders are required to promptly report any technical difficulties with their e-mail address that prevents them from sending or receiving e-mail.  King’s University College is not obliged to accept e-mail from a student or an employee unless it comes from a valid King’s or UWO address.

Official e-mail correspondence from King’s will be sent only to the King’s or Western address and not to any other e-mail address.  Students and employees should not forward their e-mail to any other address and are expected to read official university e-mail directly from their King’s or Western address.  Students and employees who choose to read their e-mail from addresses other than the work address are not absolved from responsibilities associated with any e-mail communication as a result of lost or misdirected e-mail.  The College will not normally track down any lost or misdirected e-mail.


E-mail created and received by employees of King’s University College are subject to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Employees must protect personal information in accordance with the Act.  As well, the College may be required to provide e-mail correspondence in response to an Access to Information request.