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The King’s University College web site is a shared resource that supports and reflects the institution's mission.  The primary audience of the College web site is prospective students and their families.  Secondary audiences include alumni, prospective donors, the King’s University community, current students, faculty, and staff, and others with an interest in the College.

The College web site serves many purposes that must be balanced and coordinated including:

  • serving the College as a primary means of communication
  • creating a consistent image for the campus
  • providing basic information and functionality to meet College academic, administrative, and co-curricular goals

The Information Technology Services department is responsible for the management of the College web site with input from the Manager of Communications.   A College Web Team consisting of the Director of ITS, Web Designer, Programmer Analyst and the Manager of Communications is responsible for page development resources, training, and assistance, as well as policy and guideline development, maintenance of the format, design, and organization of the College’s home page and associated upper-level pages.

Suggestions for change are welcome and should be directed to any member of the Web Team.

To ensure a useful, current, interesting, and content-rich site that meets institutional needs, faculty, students, staff, and others are encouraged to contribute to and participate in the development and maintenance of the web site.  At the same time, it is important that all web pages on the College web server conform to certain basic guidelines for consistency, access, and content to promote a consistent image of the College.  It is critical that all information be regularly reviewed for relevancy and currency.

The Web Team reserves the right to make recommendations and work with individuals and offices to ensure that content and links are appropriate and consistent with the mission of the web site and the College.

Requests regarding home page content and location should be sent to the Manager of Communications who will make decisions in consultation with the Web Team.

The College name and logo may not be used in ways that imply endorsement of external organizations, their products, or services.

No link shall be made from the King’s University College web site to unrelated third-parties that might indicate an official endorsement by King’s University College of such parties.  The Manager of Communications, in consultation with the Web Team, has the authority to determine whether a link to an unrelated third-party indicates an endorsement by King’s University College. In addition, no links shall be made from the King’s University College web site to personal or commercial interests when a conflict of interest may exist.

How to Request Content Updates

Use this procedure for changes to existing content OR the creation of new content

All requests for website content updates must be submitted via the ITS Work Request System. Please select "Website Update Request" in the Request/Problem Type drop down.

For simple updates such as text corrections, email address updates or adding one or two lines of content, please include the page URL and the changes required to the page in the Details area of the form.

For large requests such as replacing the entire page content, site structure changes, replacing/updating images or the creation of entirely new pages and content please submit a request "overview" with the basic details of the request in the Details section of the form. The content for the update must be submitted via the ITS Work Request System.  Content should be submitted as an attached Word document titled as the page you are requesting to be updated/created. Images should be included as separate attachments (do not embed the images into the Word document). All images should be submitted in the highest resolution possible.

If you have any questions about the updating process, please contact Tim Bugler at 4480 or

If you are creating new pages or revamping existing pages and would like assistance with content creation, please contact

Site-wide Content Guidelines:


Content providers are responsible for keeping web information updated and accurate as per College guidelines.  Please check with the appropriate office regarding all facts and figures on your web site.  All sites must be reviewed at least once a term for accuracy and currency.  If you need assistance updating your web site, please submit a request via the ITS Work Request System


Everyone responsible for updating content on the site must complete CMS training in order to obtain direct access for updates.  Departments and programs are responsible for assigning responsibility within their areas for content updates in order to ensure that review requirements are met.  Please send the name and contact information for persons responsible for content updates to the Web Designer, Tim Bugler,  Levels of access to the CMS will be determined by ITS in consultation with the appropriate supervisor.  Training sessions will be provided as needed.

Grammar and Spelling

Text on King’s University College web pages must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Site developers are strongly encouraged to have their pages reviewed by another party for typographical errors.  Acronyms should be used sparingly and never as a first reference.  

Web Development Software Standards

After careful evaluation, the College has standardized web editing utilizing Mura, a content management system.  Advantages of standardization include improved support, ease of updates, improved data sharing and compatibility, and cost savings.

The first several layers of the King’s University web site are designed to project a consistent look through design and navigation features.  

General Guidelines for Page Design & Layout

The college seal and all logos may not be used without prior approval of the Director of Communications and Marketing.  Pages must include the following components:

  • Link Integrity

All links throughout your site must function.  As content on the web is ever-changing, so are  pages to which you might link.  Check your links at least once a month to ensure that they function and lead to the page you desire. If you are linking to an external web site (i.e., a site other than the King’s University College web site), it is recommended that the link open in a new browser window.

  • Accessibility, Usability and Browser compatibility

Pages should be viewable and usable by the broadest range of platforms, browsers, and equipment possible. Please consult Web Services for a list of common browsers and platforms.

  • Images

All images should specify HEIGHT and WIDTH to facilitate efficient page download.

Assistance and Training

The King’s University College Web Team is available to assist with website creation and ongoing maintenance and updates.  The Web Team can assist with training for using the College content management system and understanding templates, general site updates and troubleshooting.  The Web Team can also assist with the development of new templates or page layouts when necessary.  ITS periodically offers workshops on creating and maintaining web pages.