Experience is the bridge between your degree and successful transition to work. Outside of the classroom experience:

  • gives you self- knowledge to feel confident about decisions,
  • assists you in expanding your knowledge of occupational alternatives,
  • helps you develop a network
  • helps you learn workplace related skills. 

 Translate your interests into experience and try on something to discover if it is for you. 

There are many different ways to build experience from clubs and extra-curricular involvement to practicum- based coursework, internship opportunities, job shadowing, on campus and community volunteering, to work/study abroad programs.

Political Science POL 3357E Erin Hannah/Thomas Tieku Course cross listed with POL 3369F & POL 4421G & POL 2225G Students will travel to Paris, Brussels and Genva to meet with officials working at major international organizations including but not limited to; EU, NATO, OECD, UNESCO, UNDP, UNCTAD, WHO, WTO, South Centre, MSF, Oxfam, ICTSD, IISD
POL 3369F Erin Hannah/Thomas Tieku Course cross listed with POL 3357E & POL 4421G & POL 2225G
POL 4421G Erin Hannah/Thomas Tieku Course cross listed with POL 3357E & POL3369F & POL 2225G
POL 2225G Erin Hannah/Thomas Tieku Course cross listed with POL 3357E & POL3369F & POL 4421G
Social Justice and Peace Studies SJPS 3310G Thomas Tieku   Students will travel to Tanzania

SJPS 3201Y

Karen Ross


This community based learning course is a required course for all SJPS modules with the exception of the minor where it is optional. 

SJPS 3398

Allyson Larkin
Jacquetta Newman


Special Topics Course in London Council Mentorship, first time being offered in 2016-2017 academic year. 

SJPS 3398

Allyson Larkin
Jacquetta Newman

SJPS 3311G Thomas Tieku   Students will travel to the Domincan Republic
English ENG 3998E Dorothy Nielson   Lectures are complemented by "Learn by Doing" exercises where students become critics as they workshop other writers' work. By the end of the semester one student will present their work at a college wide Wine and Cheese event. 
Psychology PSYCH 4692E Cathy Chovaz   Through seminars and participation in supervised placements in selected community settings, students will be introduced to the integration of psychologyical knowledge with human services practice. 
Philosophy and Religious Studies

RS 2208U

JoAnn MacGregor

Practicum No. 1

Practicum Placement in Local Schools for CST Program

RS 3308U

JoAnn MacGregor Practicum No. 2

RS 4408Y

JoAnn MacGregor Practicum No. 3

RS 2351G

Fr. Michael Bechard  

This course brings students to Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nations community to settle in and engage with residents in an aboriginal community. 

Interdisciplinary Studies CSI 3395A Sally McNamee   Exchange based program where students and faculty from Malmo and London exchange to learn about Canadian practices and theories of childhood. 
CSI 3393A Rachel Harrison   This exchange is facilitated by CSI and is a three week opportunity to bring together Canadian and English students for a seminar discussing childhood and social institutions with a focus on social and educational policy. 
CSI 3396A Pamela Hurley   Field research allows students to examine selected methodolgies and methods for engaging children in consultations intended to contribute to the creation of a new London Children's Museum when it relocates. 
Economics, Business and Match MOS 3390B Sergio Janczac   This trip is designed for up to 14 students to travel to France and Spain to learn about international business.
School of Social Work SW 9800     Advanced Practicum and Integration Seminar
MSW students complete an advanced practicum in a human service agency, and receive field instruction and supervision from a Master’s qualified practitioner and a faculty consultant from the School of Social Work. The Canadian Association for Social Work Accreditation requires completion of a minimum of 450 hours of supervised practice. Students are in the field three days per week for two academic terms, or an equivalent block placement.
While engaged in the practicum, small groups of students meet bi-weekly (weekly for block placements) for a two-hour integration seminar under the supervision of a faculty consultant. Seminars focus on student identified case analysis and are modeled after peer supervision sessions.
SW 3320Y     This practicum requires 225 hours of supervised practice in an approved human services setting. It is intended to be an introduction to social work practice, which includes integration of theory and practice, for 3rd year BSW students. Students are in the field commencing January – April or a block option is available which is offered mid-April to end of May. 
SW 4400     This practicum requires a minimum of 500 hours of supervised practice in an approved human services setting. As a continuum of learning, the 4th year practicum is intended to build upon previous knowledge acquired in 3rd year with respect to social work practice, application of course work, and integration of theory and practice. Students are in the field commencing September to April.
SW 4430A     All students must attend an in person AA group and report back on the experience
SW 3301A     Role Plays, Standardized Patients
SW 4424A     Transnational social work class (SW 4424) involves a couple of site visits, guest speakers, skype conversations with international experts. We also engaged in a photovoice activity this term which will result in photo postcards being sent to Pine Channel youth.
SW 3301A     Four Standardized patients come to class, as well as other interviewing activities in class time.

HIS 3901F/G


Course on Workplace Learning 



Jacqueline Crandall


Practicum in Thanatology