WARNING – Job Scams

There is growing concern on job boards. This is a reminder to take caution when looking at job postings. Companies looking to hire will identify themselves using a business email address. If a job is real, they will NOT hire you on the spot, send you a cheque that you will need to deposit before being hired, ask you to spend your own money, nor ask you for any personal information (banking info or SIN) before an interview and establishment of employment. 

You will never be hired without talking to someone first, attending an interview, and a contract of employment is drawn up to sign. Use discretion and common sense; if in doubt, ask a career counsellor or King’s Promise Program.

If anything seems weird, research the company, find employee reviews or make a phone call to confirm legitimacy. Always keep in mind if the posting sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Action words by skill category to help you build strong accomplishment statementsJob search is much more than applying on line to posted positions.

Job search involves:

  • Learning how to demonstrate your skills and experience effectively through marketing materials like your resume or LinkedIn
  • Developing a network and understanding how to use it effectively to help uncover the hidden job market 
  • Learning how to prepare for many different kinds of interviews
  • Having a job search target, for example  a summer retail position, an entry level marketing job or a front line social service position

There are many resources available to help you learn these essential skills. Click on the links below to get started.