Job search is much more than applying on line to posted positions.

Job search involves:

  • Learning how to demonstrate your skills and experience effectively through marketing materials like your resume or LinkedIn
  • Developing a network and understanding how to use it effectively to help uncover the hidden job market 
  • Learning how to prepare for many different kinds of interviews
  • Having a job search target, for example  a summer retail position, an entry level marketing job or a front line social service position

There are many resources available to help you learn these essential skills. Click on the links below to get started.

Western offers drop-in (no appointment necessary) help Monday through Friday throughout the school year. It couldn’t be easier. Don’t want to show up in person? Access E-advising.

Western Employment Resource Centre (WERC)

You want to minimize surprises in an interview and preparation is key.  Start here to learn about interview basics and types of interviews, review sample questions and learn how to handle especially challenging interview situations.

Practice is essential in preparing for an interview. With a webcam you can use video interviewing technology to improve your interview performance. Create a password on Interview Stream and get started.


Start by following people and organizations in your field of interest.  Posted tweets can help you learn about company culture and the business from an employees point of view.  Companies will post their latest information and some post positions.

Linked In:

Creating, maintaining and using Linked In is another important job search strategy.  Think of linked in as a professional version of facebook where you can connect with professional contacts and prospective employers. You don’t need to be intimidated. Linked in provides on line webinars (live or recorded) to help you build your profile and understand how to use it to network effectively.