The King’s Job Shadow Program launched in the 2021-2022 academic year. This program matches students with employer partners in the City of London and provides an opportunity to shadow a professional in a role of interest for one day.

This experience helps students to develop clarity about their career aspirations and to build their professional networks. At the same time, it helps organizations to gain fresh perspectives, develop mentorship qualities in existing employees, and showcase what’s amazing about their workplace!

Registration Deadlines: Oct. 10 for fall semester placements and Feb. 10 for spring semester placements.

Program Learning Outcomes

Through participation in the Job Shadow program, students and employers will achieve the following:

Student Outcomes

  1. Gain self-confidence while interacting in a professional environment
  2. Gain experience and awareness of workplace cultures and norms
  3. Increase knowledge about the daily tasks and expectations in a role of interest
  4. Demonstrate effective, professional relationship management skills
  5. Develop new contacts and professional networks within London and surrounding communities

Employer Outcomes

  1. Attract potential new employees
  2. Benefit from students’ current knowledge, creative thinking, flexibility, and fresh approaches
  3. Develop mentorship skills in existing employees

Available Dates

Job Shadow placements are one-day placements which ideally take place during one of King’s reading weeks (typically October/November and February each year).

For Students – How to Apply 

Please complete the registration form online here, and you will be matched to an appropriate employer based on your stated interest.

Students Apply Here

For Employers – How to Get Involved

Please complete the form online here.

Employers Apply Here

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