Applications for 2023-24 will be accepted from August 25th - September 22nd, 2023
Purpose and Scope

The International Work Experience (I.W.E.) Program offers an opportunity for International students to work part-time on campus in jobs that accommodate their studies. The objectives of the I.W. E. Program are:  to offer students training and experience that will assist them in further studies and their eventual entrance into the workforce, to provide an opportunity to contribute to the well-being and success of King’s as well as to provide some source of earnings for International Students.

Students can work up to 15 hours per week, up to a maximum of 165 hours or $2574.00 (whichever maximum they reach first).  


To be considered for the I.W.E. Program students must meet the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Must be an International Student (i.e. does not possess Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident or Immigration Residency Status in Canada).
  2. Must be registered as a full time undergraduate student at King's, in a minimum of 3.50 courses during the Fall/Winter term and be paying tuition to King's.
  3. Must be available to work in Canada from October to March inclusive.
  4. Must have achieved a minimum average of 60% in the previous academic year (if applicable).

Meeting the eligibility requirements is not a guarantee of employment. Students approved to participate in the program will be competing with other students to receive an offer of employment from one of the positions listed. 

Find a job
  • Applications for the Winter/Fall IWE Program will be accepted from August 26 - September 23 by Student Financial Services.
  • The application and job list will be available online here
Complete the application
  • Submit the application online on or before 3:30 pm on Friday, September 22.
  • Supervisors will contact those students that they wish to interview.  (please allow 3-4 weeks)
  • Please keep in mind that there are limited positions and there are no guarantees that you will be hired.
  • Application will be available August 25th
Hiring Process
Start Work
  • Once hired, your supervisor will complete a contract with you.  Submit the signed contract to Student Financial Services and we will assist you in getting the appropriate documents to apply for a Social Insurance Number.  You will be required to complete tax forms and provide banking information for payroll direct deposit.

You will receive instructions on how to submit timesheets for the hours worked.