At King’s we strive to offer inclusive career resources that reflect the diversity of our student population and acknowledge issues of educational and employment disparity.  The following are some additional resources to support you in attaining your goals.

This portal is designed the National Educational Association of Disabled Students  to support recent graduates and current students with disabilities by sharing information in an accessible format about key topics such as disclosure and accommodation, social media and personal branding as a job seeker with a disability.  In addition the portal is designed to be interactive and to bring post secondary students and federally regulated employers across Canada into dialogue about issues such as inclusive hiring practices and barriers to employment.

**Watch any of these 160 You Tube videos posted by NEADS related to disability and employment ..

Lime Connect Canada is a not for profit organization that connects university students and alumni with disabilities, throughout Canada, with opportunities for full-time jobs, co-ops, internships and scholarships with some of Canada’s top corporations.

Career edge has 4 to12 month paid internships in a variety of industries. These are available to recent university graduates with disabilities who have little or no work experience.

Each of the listed public or private sector companies represents diversity leaders in their industry and region of Canada.  Each one has a noteworthy or unique diversity initiative in at least one of the following categories: a) Women; (b) Members of visible minorities; (c) Persons with disabilities; (d) Aboriginal peoples; and (e) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered /Transsexual (LGBT) peoples.

This federal government program provides financial support for a person with a disability who wants to start a business or an employer who would like to hire someone with a disability

The Ontario disability support program assists people with disabilities who are in financial need pay for living expenses like food and housing.

This provincial employment support program is available to Ontario residents age 16 and older with a disability.  Employment supports available are diverse and related to the needs of the individual. They could include help finding or keeping a job, developing a small business, accessing interpreter services, assistive technology or other necessary tools to help you do your job.

*you do not have to be receiving income support from ODSP to be eligible for this program

Specialisterne connects individuals on the autism spectrum with jobs in a variety of industries in Canada, and educates and advocates to Canadian employers about the capabilities and benefits of their clients in the workforce.

The Royal Bank of Canada Pursue Your Potential (PyP) program is designed to help persons with disability to explore their career opportunities within the bank. In addition The Royal Bank of Canada partners with Career Edge to provide paid internship opportunities for graduates of high school, college and university.

Rise Asset Development provides financing and mentorship to individuals who self identify as experiencing mental health or addiction challenges and are interested in self employment.

This one day event takes place annually the last Wednesday in October. People with disabilities are matched with an employer connected to their individual area of interest, skill or experience. Participants have the opportunity to network, understand their disability in an employment context learn about HR processes, and build confidence in job seeking.

The Canadian Hearing Society provides free employment services for members of the ‘culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing’ community. Summer internships are available for university and college students.

Career connect is a mentoring program, for Canadians with low or no vision, designed to link job seekers with individuals working in their field of interest.

Local Resources

Job seeker section of website provides multiple community resources for those with disabilities seeking volunteer and employment opportunities within London.

ATN provides a full range of career development, job search and job development supports for people with disabilities including assistive technology consulting and a free drop-in employment resource centre to assist with researching employment opportunities and preparing job applications.

Leads provides a full range of employment services including  job placement,  job coaching and follow up support for clients with disabilities who meet the specific criteria set by their funders.

March of Dimes offers employment services for people 18 years of age and older with a physical disability or mental health concern who are trying to enter or return to the workforce.  Employment services include assessments, job placement, training and on the job support.