For a step by step guide to web registration, please see the following link:

If you're unsure about dropping a course please read the following:

To Drop or Not to Drop

Important Add/Drop Dates for Fall/Winter:

  • September 14th - Last day to add a first-term half course or full-year course
  • November 12th – Last day to drop a first-term half course or a first-term full course without academic penalty
  • November 30th – Last day to drop a full-year course without academic penalty
  • January 15th - Last day to add a second term half course
  • March 7th - Last day to drop a second-term half course without academic penalty

Spring/Summer Course Registration

To enroll in courses for the Spring/Summer term, activate yourself at least 72 hours before adding courses.  This is done through the Summer Activation service on Student Centre (on the right side under Student Services Links > Summer and PT Activation). Spring/Summer 2016 registration (Summer Activation) will start in the last week of February 2016. Summer DROP deadlines are in the summer Calendar: note that they come up quite quickly after the ADD deadlines. 

* Please inquire with Student Financial Services regarding any financial implications of adding/dropping courses