We do our best to respond to student questions and requests in a timely manner. However, we request that you review the below Frequently Asked Questions, prior to submitting your queries to the Academic Dean's Office. 

Below you will find information on Academic Counselling hours and contact information; Course Registration; Special Permissions; Change of Status; Program Information; Being On Probation or Required to Withdraw; Residency; Program or Graduation Check; Requirements for Teacher’s College, Law School, Graduate Studies; Degree Explorer/Degree Audit; Add/Drop; Transferring to another campus.

Academic Counsellors:

Brandon Csendes | Jim Zucchero Miriam Love | Dorotea Gucciardo

Academic Program Advisors:
  • Laura Clarke - Childhood and Social Institutions, Disability Studies, Philosophy, Social Justice and Peace Studies, and Thanatology.
  • Claire Hass - Political Science, Sociology/Criminology, and History.  
  • Simone Shepherd - Catholic Studies, Catholic Studies for Teachers, Psychology, Religious Studies, World Religions, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, English, French, and Writing.
Academic Information Assistants:

Kathy Mitchell | Jessica Sommers

Academic Counselling

Your level of study (year) determines your enrollment appointment in June/July.

To View Your Enrollment Appointment: 

1. Log in to your Student Center.

2. Select the details link under the Enrollment Dates section. 

3. Review your Enrollment Appointment for the term you wish to add courses for. 

NOTE: You must have completed an Intent to Register to have an enrollment appointment generated by the system. If you did not complete your Intent to Reigister, please contact an Academic Information Assistant for assistance.

For second term courses, registration can be completed on Student Centre through the Fall term and into early January. 

NOTE: You must have completed an Intent to Register to have access to the course registration system. If you did not complete your Intent to Reigister, please contact an Academic Information Assistant for assistance.

While online course registration is open, you can register in courses through the Student Center. 

Visual Instruction Guides: 

1. Adding a Course

2. Dropping a Course

3. Swap a Course (Lecture Component)

4. Swap a Lab/Tutorial/Exam Centre

If you experience difficulties, please call King’s Registration Helpline at (519) 433-3491 Ext. 4999 for prompt assistance. 

Please call King’s Registration Helpline at (519) 433-3491 Ext. 4999 to discuss alternate course registration options. 

Take an alternate course as per your program checklist or select an elective course, should you have elective space remaining. If you are in your final year of study and the course is mandatory, contact the relevant Academic Programs Advisor for assistance. 

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their course selection (including registering in courses). There are various resources available to guide you through this process. 

Resources Available: 

1. Degree Check 101

2. Program Checklists

3. Academic Calendar

NOTE: Before you register in courses, ensure you read the course descriptions, view previous course outlines, and review the prerequisite and anti-requisite information for each course.  

A prerequisite course  must be successfully completed prior to registration in the desired course. Antirequisite courses overlap in course content, and both courses cannot be taken for credit.  If you take a course that is antirequisite to one you have already taken, you will lose credit for the first course.

Residency rules require full-time students to take a minimum of 3.0 courses at King’s. Part-time students must take at least 50% of their courses at King’s. You can break residency with a special permission from an Academic Counsellor to finish a program , but not to take courses towards a planned future program. If you hold a scholarship, check the residency conditions.