In the busy summer period, we do our best to respond to student questions and requests in a timely manner.  We appreciate your using the web resources to find the information you are looking for, and most of your questions will be answered below.

Below you find information on Academic Counselling hours and contact information; Course Registration; Special Permissions; Change of Status; Program Information; Being On Probation or Required to Withdraw; Residency; Program or Graduation Check; Requirements for Teacher’s College, Law School, Graduate Studies; Degree Explorer/Degree Audit; Add/Drop; Transferring to another campus.

NOTE: Always include your student number in correspondence, and use your uwo email account.

Academic Counsellors:

Brandon Csende (Management, Economics, and Math) | Jim Zucchero Miriam Love | Dorotea Gucciardo

Academic Program Advisors:
  • Laura Clarke - Childhood and Social Institutions, Disability Studies, Philosophy, Social Justice & Peace Studies, Thanatology 
    Jessica Sommers (Claire Hass on parental leave) - Political Science, Sociology and Criminology 
    Simone Shepherd - Catholic Studies and Catholic Studies for Teachers - History - Psychology - Religious Studies - World Religions, including Islamic Studies and Jewish Studies, English, French, and Writing 
Academic Information Assistants:

Kathy MitchellTeresa Daniele | Thomas Gray 

Academic Counselling

Your year level decides your registration appointment time in June/July. Log in to your Student Center and go to Enrolment to enrol. To enrol, you must have completed an Intent to Register.

For second term courses, registration can be done on Student Centre through the Fall term and in early January. To enrol, you should have done an Intent to Register.

Click here for step by step advice on adding and dropping courses. Enrolment or add drop problems and errors: Contact the King’s Registration Helpline at (519) 433-3491 x 4999.

Ask someone else to register your courses for you, or leave a list of desired courses with Enrolment Services.

Take an alternative course. If you are in your final year and the course is mandatory, contact the relevant Academic Programs Assistant

You are expected to choose courses on your own by referring to Degree Check 101, Program Checklists, or the Academic Calendar. Before you enroll, read course descriptions and  prerequisite and anti-requisite information are in the Academic Calendar.  

A prerequisite course  must be successfully completed prior to registration in the desired course. Antirequisite courses overlap in course content, and both courses cannot be taken for credit.  If you take a course that is antirequisite to one you have already taken, you will lose credit for the first course.

Residency rules require full-time students to take a minimum of 3.0 courses at King’s. Part-time students must take at least 50% of their courses at King’s. You can break residency with a special permission from an Academic Counsellor to finish a program you have already been admitted to in another Faculty, but NOT to take courses towards a planned future program on another campus. If you hold a scholarship, check the residency conditions.

You must meet progression requirements to remain in good academic standing, and to continue at the University. To check the admission and progression requirements of specific modules (e.g., Majors, Specializations, etc) you want, go to the specific program checklist.

If you don’t meet minimum progression requirements, you will be placed on probation. You can continue your studies, but must meet certain conditions: only 4.0 credits are permitted, and all of them must be taken at King’s; a term average of 60% must be achieved, and no failures are allowed. You cannot appeal being placed on probation. If you are placed on probation, make an appointment to see an Academic Counsellor or come to drop in.

A student who does not meet minimum progression requirements for continuation of study, or who has exceeded the maximum number of failed courses allowed (6.0 courses) is required to withdraw from the university for a period of twelve months.

Required to withdraw students can reapply to the university after twelve months however, readmission is not automatic.

Speak to your professor after class or during their office hours to discuss your performance. Visit Learning Skills Service for general help; contact The Write Place for help with essays and written assignments; for help with Math or Economics, visit Tutoring at King’s. Check out the Library. Make an appointment to see your KAMP mentor or an Academic Counsellor.

Contact your professor in a timely manner, within two weeks of receiving the grade. If you cannot resolve the issue with your professor within another two weeks, contact the Chair of the Department. If the Chair does not respond within two additional weeks, contact an Academic Counsellor.

Contact your professor as soon as possible;’ submit appropriate documentation to an academic counsellor as soon as you can. Follow up with your professor about a make-up test or new submission date.  Illness: Inform your professor via email, and when you seek medical help, take with you a Student Medical Certificate to be filled out by your physician. Make an appointment to see an Academic Counsellor to request a make-up exam date. Be sure to inform the Counsellor if you are registered to write with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

You may be granted academic accommodation on compassionate grounds if an immediate family member is seriously ill. Bring in documentation to show that you are supporting this person (a note from the hospital or nursing station or doctor) to your Academic Counsellor. Be sure to inform the Counsellor if you are registered with SSD.

You will be accommodated if you lost an immediate family member (parent, guardian, caregiver, sibling, spouse). Contact an Academic Counsellor with documentation (an obituary or death certificate). Be sure to inform the Counsellor if you are registered with SSD.

Travel is not grounds for accommodation.

All religious accommodation requests must be brought to the attention of the Academic Dean’s Office a minimum of two weeks prior to any test or exam. Make an appointment to see an Academic Counsellor. If possible, bring a letter from your spiritual leader to verify the conflict. Be sure to inform the Counsellor if you are registered to write with SSD.