We do our best to respond to your questions and requests in a timely manner. However, we ask that you review the Frequently Asked Questions, below, prior to submitting your queries to the Academic Advising Office. 

In the FAQ section, you will find information on Academic Counselling hours and contact information; Course Registration; Special Permissions; Change of Status; Program Information; Being On Probation or Required to Withdraw; Residency; Program or Graduation Check; Requirements for Teacher’s College, Law School, or Graduate Studies; Degree Explorer/Degree Audit; Add/Drop; and transferring to another campus.

Academic Counsellors

Brandon Csendes | Denise Cooke  | Claire Hass | Laura Clarke | Simone Shepherd

Academic Program Advisors
  • Colleen Sousa - Criminology, Disability Studies, Politics and International Relations, Sociology
  • Samantha Hurren - English, French, Religious Studies, King's Scholar, Psychology, Writing
  • Simone Shepherd - Analytics and Decision Sciences (ADS), Economics, Finance, Financial Economics, Management and Organizational Studies
  • Jessica Sommers - Childhood and Youth Studies, Philosophy; History, Social Justice and Peace Studies, Thanatology
Academic Information Assistants

Kathy Mitchell | Natalie Spruce

Academic Counselling FAQs