Who we are:

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What we can help you with…

  • Accommodation for missed course work, including tests, assignments and exams
  • Advice regarding academic improvement, especially for students on probation or on a Dean’s Waiver
  • Changes of status, including withdrawal from the university, or transfer from another Faculty
  • Clarification about how your transfer credits fit into your King’s/Western degree
  • Information about the impact of course choices and academic performance on eligibility for modules and degrees
  • Permissions, if you meet the criteria, for irregular course loads, course substitutions, non-standard module combinations, and so on
  • Planning your academic path so that your degree reflects your interests and strengths
  • Processing of Letters of Permission (permitting courses to be taken at another university)
  • Program checks to ensure that you are meeting degree requirements

…and what you could take responsibility for:

We are committed to providing the highest standard of academic counselling in a timely and professional way, with attention to detail, accuracy, and confidentiality. In turn, we expect you to make a sincere effort to find answers to your questions by consulting the Western Calendar, Degree Check 101, and student.uwo.ca, before seeking academic counselling. When you assume responsibility for your academic wellbeing and progress, you allow us to make the best possible use of our counselling time, given the demand for services.

Need answers to specific questions?

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