Most students are able to complete the ITR process online through the Student Centre website.

Students registering in the following must have their paper ITR forms signed by an Academic Counsellor in the Academic Dean's Office (Dante Lenardon Hall, Room 104):

  • a second degree
  • a post-degree module
  • a concurrent degree;
  • and students NOT taking any courses in Fall/Winter 2017-2018

My name is Melissa Janozeski, I am third year in the Catholic Studies for Teachers and French program. ITR was very quick and easy for me, I checked off the boxes in no time!

Melissa Janozeski

Melissa JanozeskiCatholic Studies for Teachers and French Program


Steps To submit your ITR online:

  1. Review the following ppt: PowerPoint Presentation about Intent to Register!
  2. View the Intent to Register Video
  3. Visit the Student Centre website
  4. Under Student Services Links click "Complete My Intent to Register" 
  5. Choose your Faculty, degree program and modules (Major/s, Specialization, Minor/s) for next year


A. Online Intent to Register (ITR), February to March 2018.  All returning King’s students must submit an ITR online to declare their degree and module choices for the following academic year. To complete an online ITR, visit the Student Centre website. Deadline: March 31, 2018

Before you submit:  

  1. Attend Academic Dean’s Office and departmental information sessions, as well as sessions by Faculties of Law and Education. These sessions will help you choose your program(s). Schedules are posted on the King’s website, emailed to you, and available at the Academic Dean’s Office and Enrolment Services at King’s.
  2. Read the Academic Calendar to understand your program and course requirements.
  3. Gather information about your degree and program. See: Degree Check 101 and program checklists
  4. Meet full-time faculty members during their office hours to discuss courses of interest and to make informed choices in selecting your program and courses for next year.

It is your responsibility to attend the Program Counselling presentations in February and March 2017 in order to understand your program requirements, and ensure appropriate course selection. When registering for courses be sure to check pre-requisites and anti-requisites carefully (www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca).

B.  Paper Intent to Register: Students registering in a second degree, a post-degree module, a concurrent degree, diploma and certificate programs; and students not taking any courses in Fall/Winter 2017-2018 must have their paper ITR forms signed by an Academic Counsellor in the Academic Dean's Office (Dante Lenardon Hall, Room 104).

C.  Social Work: Students currently enrolled in the BSW (Honors) program (Year 3 progressing to Year 4 and Extended Study students), and who are making no changes to their module(s), must complete an online ITR by March 31. Continuing students who wish to add or change modules must consult with the School and complete a paper ITR by the deadline. Students who are applying for admission to the BSW (Honors) program cannot indicate “Social Work” as a program choice on their ITR. They will submit an online ITR for an alternate degree/module combination, and if admitted to the BSW (Honors) program, their registration will be changed for them.

D.  Information for Course Selection for Fall/Winter 2018-2019 (students will register for courses in June & July 2018). 
Residency Requirements:
  1. Full-time students must have at least 3.0 courses at King's.
  2. Part-time students must have at least half their courses at King's.
  3. If a course is offered at King's it cannot be taken at Western or another affiliated college.
  4. A course at Western may only be chosen if it is not offered at King's, Brescia or Huron.
  5. Please note that King's courses are designated by sections 570-589 on the Western timetable.
  6. Students who may be unable to fulfill residency requirements because of required courses not being available at King's should contact the appropriate Academic Programs' Assistant at King's.  Students registered in a module away from King’s should contact an Academic Counsellor at King's (Dante Lenardon Hall, Room 104).

E. Course Deletions: Ensure when choosing courses that there are no conflicts. You may be removed, without notice, from a course for which you are ineligible to be registered (e.g. lack of pre-requisite, course constraints, or residency regulations).

 F. If you Cannot Access the Internet this Summer:  Students who will be unable to access web course registration or contact Enrolment Services by phone during the summer may submit their course selection to Enrolment Services at King's before they leave for the summer, or consult Enrolment Services to make alternate arrangements.