If you are wondering how to go about doing your own program check, here are four simple steps to follow. 

Step 1: gathering information

To gain access to information about your current academic situation, get familiar with the Student Centre.

Step 2: degree audit

Print your web academic report from Student Centre. If you have no special permissions or transfer credits on your record, run a degree audit.

  1. Go to http://student.uwo.ca
  2. Under "Documentation" click "Web Academic Report."
Step 3: module check
  1. Print off the module checklist for each of your modules (e.g., Major in History, Minor in English). 
  2. Check if you meet the module requirements (take into account special permissions, if any).
  3. Check your modular and cumulative averages. For information on modular and cumulative averages, click here.
  4. If you still have questions, come see an Academic Counsellor.
  5. Now that you have completed your module check, go to Step 4.  
Step 4: degree check

If you have special permissions or transfer credits, use the checklists to check your record. Print your web academic report from Student Centre.

  1. Print off the Quick B.A. checklist from here
  2. Check if you meet the overall degree requirements:
  • Do you have at least 5.0 and not more than 7.0 first year credits (old numbers 001-099; new numbers 0001-1999)?
  • Do you meet the breadth requirement (at least 1.0 credit each from Categories A, B and C; at least two categories represented in your first year courses)?
  • Do you meet the essay requirement (2.0 designated essay courses, including one at the 2000 level or above)?
  • Note that you need a minimum of 15.0 total credits to complete a 3 year BA and a minimum of 20.0 total credits to complete a 4 year BA or a BMOS degree.

If you have questions about these requirements, see an academic counsellor. Bring with you the work you have done on your own module and degree checks.