Students spend the academic year working alongside local organizations, deepening their learning about local issues and how these intersect with theories of social justice and peace. They then take this learning and in consultation with their community partner, they develop a unique policy or advocacy tool to address a relevant issue related to the sector they are working in. These community impact projects are presented at a year end showcase and shared with the public. Several projects have gone on to be implemented in the community and have informed policy and advocacy efforts of local organizations. We see these projects as our gifts and giveback to the community.


  • Indigenous
  • Gender
  • Environment
  • Youth
  • Health Equity
  • Housing
  • Poverty
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Food Security

If you would like more information on any of the projects please reach out to us.

Search Projects 
Improving Addiction Services in London

Katie Birch

King's University College Sexual Violence Policy

Kysteen Belloso & Alexa Fleury

Gender Based Violence Access to Resources

Emily Collins

BacK Alleys to Bins:
Secure storage for London's Homeless

Clare Dennis-Grantham

Combating Indigenous Homelessness

Brooklyn Einwiller 

The Feminization of Poverty

Aminata Foeday

Sewage Overflows in our River

Amanda Harvey 

Criminalizing Marginalization
the Legal Ramifications of Discriminatory HIV Laws

Sydney Hildebrandt

Simple Way to Live Green in London

Daniel William Johnston

How Tall is the Glass Ceiling
Institutionalized Encouragement for Female Political Participation

Elizabeth Louise Kozak

How the Ford Governament Cuts Are Hurting  Women Living with HIV/AIDS

Lauren Larocque

Environmental Intersectionality
An SJPS Proposal

Nichole Loewen

Social Housing Calls for Social Suports
A Way Forward for Londoners

Megan Riley and Sarah Colacitti

Reducing Poverty in London

Shieaba Sadat

Human Trafficking Education
The Key To Making Change

Courtney Santaguida

The Last Dance
London's No Touch Policy will be the Death of Adult Entertainment

Jenna Taylor

Indigenous Water Insecurity Accountability Pilot PRoject

Chelsea Waserman