Experiential learning component

This optional component may be taken any time after first year.

Experiential learning is an integral dimension of the learning in Social Justice and Peace Studies.  SJPS has been leading this area of work at King’s. Our local, national and international programs are opportunities for students to engage theoretical knowledge with hands-on, engaged practices in diverse communities working for peace and justice.  

King’s SJPS program is committed to providing experiences for our students at the local, national and global level.  Our experiential learning programs take an interdisciplinary approach to examining the complex social, political and economic relationships that link justice, peace, conflict and reconciliation.  

Students in the SJPS program analyze strategies for building justice and peace, participate in community activism and learn cross-cultural approaches to conflict resolution and social justice.  In our experiential learning courses, our students take the theories, methods and practices learned in the classroom and gain firsthand experiences in a diverse range of community engagements.