At the heart of our Community Based Learning program are our partners. They provide the setting, guidance and opportunities that enable students to experience firsthand how organizations are addressing social justice issues in London and region. We work closely with partners and students, developing mutually beneficial relationships that deepen student learning and meaningfully contribute to the work organizations are doing. 

Partner Benefits:
  • 60 hours of meaningful student time and contribution to organization goals and programs
  • New ideas and fresh perspectives from students grounded in scholarly work
  • Staff development of leadership and mentorship opportunities
  • A community impact project to further a policy or advocacy idea related to the partner’s sector
  • Relationships and connections with King’s University 

Student Benefits:
  • Direct experience with specific sectors and organizations in London
Deepened understanding of academic theory to practice
  • Mentorship from experienced staff and volunteers
  • Opportunities to gain skills in program development, research, public education, advocacy and service work
  • Network of community relationships
  • Potential for future employment opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please contact Shawna Lewkowitz

Partner Profiles

  • Anova Anova

    Anova focuses on creating a future that is free from gender-based violence and inequality.

  • Antler River Rally Antler River Rally

    Antler River Rally works with volunteers to clean up the Thames River. Antler River Rally focuses on reducing the environmental impacts of waste, and works to create a sustainable future.

  • Atlohsa Atlohsa

    Atlohsa is an Indigenous-led organization grounded in a cultural framework, providing services and programs such as; holistic healing, education, shelter, and support.

  • Bridges out of Poverty| Circles Bridges out of Poverty| Circles

    Bridges out of Poverty is coordinated by Goodwill Industries and combats  structural barriers that lead to poverty and homelessness in London by providing services, and support to those in need.   

  • Fanshawe - Sexual Violence Prevention Fanshawe - Sexual Violence Prevention

    Fanshawe’s Sexual Violence Prevention program provides confidential services, and support to victims of sexual violence.

  • London Environmental Network London Environmental Network

    London Environmental Network helps protect our environment and build a sustainable community by supporting local environmental organizations to improve their internal capacity and ability to deliver on their missions.

  • London Food Coalition London Food Coalition

    London Food Coalition is an organization dedicated to providing fresh, quality food to Londoners in need.

  • London Poverty Research Centre at King's London Poverty Research Centre at King's

    London Poverty Research Centre focuses on three main areas; poverty reduction, precarious work, and homelessness.

  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Pillar Nonprofit Network

    Pillar Nonprofit Network supports more than 610 nonprofits, social enterprises and social innovators by sharing resources, exchanging knowledge and creating meaningful connections.

  • Regional HIV/AIDS Connection Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

    The HIV/AIDS Connection offers support and services such as counselling services and education for those affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as a needle and syringe program to injection drug users.

  • SafeSpace London SafeSpace London

    Safespace is an organization comprised of sexworkers and sexwork allies who come together for support and to advocate for the rights and safety of sexworkers.

  • St. Joseph's Hospitality Centre St. Joseph's Hospitality Centre

    St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre offers meals, shelter referrals, clothing resources, and friendship and the promotion of self-worth to the community.

  • Unity Project Unity Project

    The Unity Project offers resources and support to people experiencing homelessness ages 16 and up.

  • Young London Young London

    Young London is an organization for youth by youth, ensuring that the voices of youth are represented in the decision making of their city.

  • Youth For Christ Youth For Christ

    Youth for Christ offers a variety of programs and services for London Youth. Youth for Christ creates a safe space for youth to learn and receive support.