Image: Adrienne C--Dyre, Director of Libraries

Adrienne Co-Dyre
Director of Libraries
ext. 4390

Image: Anna Domingues

Anna Domingues
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Libraries
ext. 4504

Image: Linda Whidden Linda Whidden
Associate Librarian & Head: Technical and Information Resources
ext. 4506
Image: Emma Swiatek Emma Swiatek​ 
Head: Research and Information Services
ext. 4327
Image: Martha Gordon

Martha Gordon
Information Services Assistant (Research)
ext. 4537

Image: Craig Mitchell
Craig Mitchell 
Information Services Assistant (Circulation & Reserves)
ext. 4561 
Image: Samantha Murray

Samantha Murray
Information Services Assistant (Stacks Maintenance & Circulation)
ext. 4536

Image: Ewa Czachorowski

Ewa Czachorowski
Information Resources Assistant (Acquisitions: Monographs/Serials)
ext. 4483


Jasmine Li
Information Resources Assistant (Electronic Resources, Serials & Emerging Technologies)
ext. 4484

Image: Daron MacQueen

Daron MacQueen
Information Resources Assistant (Cataloguing, Archives and Records Management)
ext. 4498