If students have received a continuing scholarship for the year that they are on internship, they need to fill out a Scholarship Appeal request form by August 1st 2020 to request that their continuing scholarship be applied to their tuition for the upcoming year. 

Please also send a message to MOS Internship Coordinator with the student name and number and a brief note that they applied for deferring the Continuing Scholarship. Thank you. 

Step 1

If you decide to participate…

Step 2

  • Register through Western Connect (mandatory)

    Register at Western Connect by completing the form on the website: 
    Online registration opens August 24, 2021 and closes November 26, 2021 @ 11:59pm.

  1. Log onto WesternConnect.

  2. Click "Internship/Co-op" on the left.

  3. Click "Undergraduate/Graduate" and scroll down to select your application choice - "MOS Internship Program".

  4. Finish by clicking "Submit Application" only once and wait until the confirmation page appears.

Step 3

  • Cover Letter, Resumé, and Interview Skills Workshop (mandatory)

    Option 1: Create a Login and complete the Career Fundamentals for University Students online modules via Complete Student (Developed by Western Career Education).

    Please upload your certificate of completion to your Western Connect profile under “Documents”

    Option 2:  Attend both “Interview Skills” and “Effective Resume and Cover Letters” workshops offered by Western Career Education. A full schedule of fall term offerings will be available here. Register to ensure that your attendance is recorded

Step 4

  • Resumé and Cover Letter Review (mandatory)
  • Prepare a resumé and draft a sample cover letter.
  • Meet with the Internship Coordinator to review your resume. Please register for an internship appointment by emailing Lydia.Li@kings.uwo.ca
  • Once their feedback is incorporated, please upload your resume and cover letter to your Western Connect profile under “Documents.”

Deadline for Steps 1- 4 is November 26, 2021 at 11:59 pm

If enrollment is approved…

Step 5

International students only: Apply for a Co-op Work Permit

International students who meet the requirements to participate in the internship program must secure a valid co-op work permit regardless of the timing and length of the internship.

The deadline to apply for your co-op work permit is December 17, 2021.

The IESC advisory team is available to help you in the application process!

We strongly encourage you to:

  • Attend a 2021-22 IESC Co-op Work Permit Information Session:
    • Dates TBA
  • Make an appointment with an IESC Advisor at iesc@uwo.ca to discuss your individual application.
  • Visit iesc.uwo.ca/visas/index.html for additional information on co-op work permits
Step 6
  • Visit the Western Connect Website on a regular basis to view the job descriptions and interview schedules etc. Apply for as many positions as you like – make sure to check the application deadline dates. See Applying for Positions.
  • Jobs are posted November to August.

Step 7

  • Students who are not successful in securing an Internship work term will be withdrawn from MOS 3494, with no academic penalty, and will not be liable for the administrative fee.