As of May 2023, the internship fee for hired students is $500 per work term. This fee will be applied to your record upon course enrollment, and is payable through Student Center within 30 days of the course appearing on your record (See Fee Payment Methods).

While on internship, students do not pay tuition fees.

Western University will invoice students the Internship Course Fee and post it to your student account as follows: 

  • 8 month work term $1,000 ($500 in May, and August)
  • 9-12 month work term $1,500 ($500 in May, August, and January)
  • 13-16 month work term $2,000 ($500 in May, August, January, and May of the following year)

Students residing in Canada for their work term will automatically be assessed the student health and dental plan fees (including myvirtualdoctor.ca). Should a student wish to opt out of the health plan, dental plan, or myvirtualdoctor.ca, they must do so by the opt out deadline, September 23, 2023. Students must provide proof of alternate coverage to opt out of the health plan, however can opt out of dental and myvirtualdoctor.ca as long as they submit the opt out form by the deadline.

Payment of fees is the sole responsibility of the student, not the employer.


The internship fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Late payment of the internship fee will result in the accrual of late charges at the current university rate.  Non-payment of the internship fee will result in an academic seal. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Industry Internship Course Fee is an administration fee for a 1.0 academic credit course.


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