My Experience Working at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a Student
- Ryan Pepping, Student

I started my 16-month BMOS (Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies) internship at the CRA in May of 2019. During my internship, I’ve held two positions at the London-Windsor Tax Services Office at the London site. My first position was a GST/HST Examiner. In this role, my job was to educate taxpayers on GST/HST filing requirements and examine tax returns. I also spent a portion of my time working as a CRA Student Ambassador. In this role I worked alongside a Brand Ambassador to promote the CRA as an employer of choice at recruitment events at both Western University and Fanshawe College. I was responsible for networking with fellow students and sharing my experience working at the CRA.

Before starting my internship, I was nervous because I had never worked full-time in an office setting and I didn’t know what to expect. King’s University College’s BMOS program did a great job of preparing me to start my career. To be more specific, the mandatory group projects built into my courses effectively prepared me to be comfortable communicating and working with others in a group setting. The various research projects also allowed me to work independently and gave me experience in creating professional documents.

While working for the CRA, I expanded my knowledge of both the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act. I also learned all about working within an office dynamic. One of the benefits of working at the CRA is that its work environment is extremely supportive. The CRA utilizes a combined approach for training and development that incorporates self-study, classroom learning and job shadowing. The CRA also has an excellent internal Student Development Program in the Ontario Region that helps students develop and begin their careers as young professionals. Students work alongside coaches, mentors, and team leaders to develop relationships, and enhance critical thinking and effective communication skills.

After working in the public service for 16 months, I can definitely see myself having a career as a public servant. I’m hoping to work for the CRA after I graduate for the following reasons: I appreciate the value they place on the equality, inclusivity and diversity of their workforce; it’s extremely important that the work I do is meaningful and valuable and there is definitely no shortage of that at the CRA; there is great satisfaction in knowing that the work you’re doing is helping Canadians each and every day. There are also job opportunities in several diverse program areas such as: Audit, Collections, Appeals, Information Technology, Human Resources and much more!

I’d like to leave you with some advice and helpful information as you consider whether a CRA student position would be of benefit to you.

My best advice to those who are interested in a future internship is to not be afraid to ask questions. Especially at the CRA! Something to keep in mind is that employers are aware that they are hiring individuals with minimal experience, and are interested in training and developing students into young professionals and future leaders. As a student, it is part of your job to ask questions and learn as much as possible. Remember, group learning and brainstorming are very powerful tools. YOUR internship is about YOU.