King’s offers many scholarships, awards, and bursaries available to both new and returning King’s students. Some awards and scholarships are automatically awarded, while others require time to review eligibility and complete applications.

General Scholarship/Award/Bursary Information:

The eligibility criteria for each award can be found in the award description. 

No student will receive King's scholarship or award monies (excluding bursaries monies) in excess of the individual student's tuition per academic year (effective 2015-16 academic year).

Continuing and renewable King's scholarships are for a maximum of four years of study at King's. Students are considered based on the September - April study period. 

Recipient selection will be made by the Scholarship and Bursary Committee based on applications submitted, where applicable. The scholarship, award, or bursary shall be awarded to the appropriate candidate at the discretion of the Scholarship and Bursary Committee. Donors will not be involved in the selection process.

Western Athletic Scholarship and Awards are issued directly to students in December. These awards cannot be used to defer the August Installment of Fees.   

Special Categories

Awards by Special Categories are open to all current King’s students who are international students, first generation students, aboriginal students, graduate students, mature students and students with disabilities.

The following exemptions may apply:
  1. If a student is a varsity athlete, the student may be registered in 3.5 courses
  2. If a student is an Executive Member on the King’s University College Student Council, the student may be registered in 3.5 courses
  3. If a student is registered with the Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development Office, the student may be registered in 3.5 courses.
  4. Students registered with ACSD and taking a reduced course load may be eligible for full-time Entrance and Continuing Scholarships however, the amounts will be pro-rated based on their registration. 

The availability and monetary value of all awards, bursaries and scholarships are subject to change. King’s reserves the right to change the listed award, scholarship or bursary information and/or value without notice.

King’s awards, scholarships, and bursaries are not transferable to other postsecondary institutions.

Awards Subject to Cancellation:  Students that withdraw, reduce their course load, alter their program of study, experience a decline in grades or no longer meet other scholarship eligibility/requirements may have to forfeit all or part of their award. A cancelled award will be a charge against the student's University customer/fee account.

Information on External Scholarships and Bursaries are offered to university students on behalf of outside organizations and is provided as service to our students. King’s University College is not responsible for any misinformation posted.

Financial Aid PolicyA general guideline of King’s policy on eligibility for supplemental financial assistance.

No student will receive King's scholarship or award monies (excluding bursaries monies) in excess of the individual student's tuition and ancillary fees per academic year (effective 2015-16 academic year).