Step 1
  • Once approved visit the Western Connect internship/co-op portal website on a regular basis between October and August to view the internship job descriptions and interview schedules. An Internship Calendar summarizes employer job descriptions and upcoming deadline dates.
  • International students should apply for their co-op work permit no later than November 24, 2023 to ensure they have a valid work permit by March 1. Failure to have a valid work permit by March 1, 2024 will cause removal from the Internship Program.
Step 2 (Job Descriptions)
  • Read carefully each job description to determine: application deadline date, interview dates, length/dates of internship, requested degree programs, and method of application.
Step 3 (Application Procedures)
  • Follow the method of application as specified in the job posting
    • Website: Submit your application package through the employer website link provided. Click "I intend to apply" to keep a record of positions you've applied to.
    • Email: Submit your application package to the employer email provided. Click "I intend to apply" to keep a record of positions you've applied to. 
    • Through Connect: Click "Apply" to submit your application documents through Western Connect.
Most employers require a resume and cover letter in one PDF document. Some may also request an unofficial transcript, which you download from Student Centre.
Step 4 (Interview Sign-up)
  • All students who receive an interview will be contacted by e-mail or through the employer directly. You will also see interview requests when you login to Western Connect.  Interviewees should select and sign up for a time on the interview schedule online. Interviews will be held virtually or at the employer’s location.
Step 5 (Interviews)
  • Attend the first interview. If second interviews are necessary, they may be scheduled at the employer’s location but will be arranged between the employer and the students.
Step 6 (Job Offers)
  • Employers will contact Western's Careers & Experience office with job and salary offers. Students have 48 hours to accept or decline the offer. All students should seriously consider a job offer before acceptance.

    Reneging on a job offer after it has been accepted is not permitted.

    Once you accept, you are committed to the employer unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Also, once an offer has been accepted you may not apply for other positions.

    See Policies and Procedures for more information.
  • If you have arranged your own internship, we will need to verify the position meets program requirements.  Please send your offer letter, an employer contact (HR or supervisor), and a job description to MOS Internship Coordinator at King's for assessment.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact:

Lydia Li
Program Manager                                                                                                               

The School of Management, Economics, and Mathematics
Dante Lenardon Hall, Room 123
519-433-3491 ext. 4447