Admission Requirements:

To be considered for admission, individuals applying as transfer students must have achieved a minimum overall final average of 65% in all previous university studies at an accredited university and have experienced no extensive academic difficulty.

If you are attending university and are in first year, a conditional admissions decision may be made based on strong first-year, first-semester results. If you are in second year or higher, you will be considered for conditional admission on the basis of a mid-year transcript.

Transcripts from any and all secondary and post-secondary institutions attended are required. Academic transcripts must be submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office at King’s University College, 266 Epworth Ave., London, Ontario, N6A2M3.

Please Note: Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

Transfer Credit:

All Canadian University Transfer applicants who have met the admission requirements will have their applications considered for transfer credit. Transfer credit may be granted for all courses completed at another accredited university within Canada with a minimum final mark of 60% (C-), provided that these courses, even though not offered and/or taken at King’s/Western, are recognized as reaching acceptable university standards and may be appropriately included in the program of studies at King’s University College.

Students should provide full course syllabi to the Registrar's office to be used for assessment of direct course equivalency for credits being considered for transfer. Please send full course syllabi to an Admissions Officer (contact information below). Failure to provide requested full course syllabi for transfer credit assessment may result in limited course selection during Summer Academic Orientation.

Applicants will be notified of Transfer Credit in their Offer of Admission.

Please Note:

  • Credits granted may be either generic/non-specific credits or exact equivalency credits
  • Students can receive a maximum of 10.0 credits (equivalent to 2 years)
7-member University Credit Transfer Consortium

King’s University College at Western University has joined six Ontario universities to make it easier for students to get credit for courses already completed. Students who have completed any first-year arts, social science or science degree course at McMaster University, Queen's University, University of Guelph, University of Ottawa, University of Waterloo, or University of Toronto, with a minimum grade of 60%, are assured of general, first-year credit upon admission to Western University.

Among the 7-member University Credit Transfer Consortium, we will grant specific course credit for 20 of the most highly subscribed first year foundational courses. Consortium members are committed to ensuring that all courses within our degrees meet standards of high quality and that our foundational courses adequately prepare for more focused learning in higher years. Completing any of these foundational courses at any Consortium member university will satisfy the program prerequisite requirement that the corresponding King’s/ Western course would satisfy, subject to meeting grade requirements.

Please refer to the transfer credit matrix.

Applicants Already Possessing an Undergraduate Degree

Applicants who have already graduated with an undergraduate degree are referred to as Special Students. You will be considered for admission as a Special Student if you have a degree from an accredited university that is equivalent to at least a 3-year Bachelor's Degree and if you have achieved a minimum overall average of 60% as calculated by King's.

If you intend to either (a) upgrade from a non-honours to an honours degree or (b) complete the requirements for a second honours degree in another discipline or (c) you wish to pursue a second undergraduate degree program in another discipline, you must obtain approval from the Academic Dean’s Office at King’s University College. As a Special Student, you are eligible to register for any courses for which you meet the stated pre-requisite, or for which permission is granted by the instructor or department chair, subject to availability.

Admission to an Undergraduate Program does not imply acceptance into the Bachelor or Master of Social Work Programs.

In determining admissibility, King’s University College at Western reserves the right to take all submitted documentation into account including English Proficiency Tests, repeated courses and all other aspects of the student’s academic record. As well, if evidence of falsified documentation is found, King’s reserves the right to deny admission, withdraw an offer of Admission, offer of scholarship and/or cancel a student’s course registration. Previous submission of falsified or fraudulent documentation may be considered in future applications made to the institution.