King’s recognizes that students will periodically require relief from academic work for medical or other personal reasons. Depending on your circumstances, there are multiple avenues for requesting academic consideration.

What should I do if I am going to miss course work, a test or exam?

  • As soon as possible, but no later than two days after a missed exam, complete an Academic Consideration Request, uploading appropriate documentation.
    • Examples of Supporting Documentation
      • Personal health issues: A Student Medical Certificate (SMC) is the preferred form of documentation, however a letter or form from a physician or licensed health care provider may be accepted as long as it includes relevant dates, limitations caused by the illness or injury, and the estimated duration of the absence. NOTE: A photograph of a positive COVID test is not documentation. Please see a virtual doctor and submit an SMC. Use this self assessment to determine whether you may return to school:
      • Serious illness of a family member: A medical certificate or letter from the family member's physician that includes relevant dates, some detail to explain how the situation impacts your ability to participate academically, and the estimated duration of the absence.
      • Death of a Loved One: Funeral or visitation notices, a death certificate or obituary.
      • Other extenuating circumstances: Something that confirms the date and how the circumstance impacts your ability to participate academically. If you are not sure what to provide, please contact us for guidance.
      • NOTE: We have received several fraudulent documents this term, including fraudulent medical notes. All documentation is subject to review – the submission of documentation does not guarantee an academic consideration will be granted.  Submitting fraudulent documentation is against the Student Code of Conduct. Those who submit fraudulent documentation risk penalties ranging from a Grade of ‘F’ for the course to suspension from the University.
  • If you are ill, please submit one of the approved forms of documentation signed by a licensed medical or mental health practitioner, detailing the duration and severity of illness or appropriate documentation supporting extenuating circumstances, no later than two business days after the date specified for resuming responsibilities.
  • When possible, you should inform your instructor before the date of the exam or assignment.
  • Carefully consider the implications of postponing exams or delaying handing in work. For example, a delay in completing your work may affect your eligibility to graduate in June or, if you are continuing your studies next year, the timing of your course registration appointment. 

For further information on academic consideration policies, procedures, and acceptable documentation, please see the following: