Which kind of help is right for me? 

Tutoring and consultations in Fall/Winter 2021-22 will be both online and in-person, in KC 113. All appointments are 50 minutes long, and appointments for both in-person, and online sessions should be booked through

You are a BA, BMOS, or BSW student looking for feedback on assignments, or peer help with brainstorming, résumés, cover letters, applications, personal statements, or simple academic writing questions

Make an appointment with a Write Place Tutor/Consultant, or use Online Drop-in. Online drop-in is only available if pre-booked appointments have not filled the open slots.

You are an MSW student, or you are looking for more advanced help with complex issues, long-term writing improvement, or grammar and sentence structure.

Make an appointment with a Writing Specialist (a professor who will do teaching + feedback), or use Online Drop-in. Online drop-in is only available if pre-booked appointments have not filled the slots.

You are a creative writer looking for feedback on completed creative writing—a short story, a poem, a play, a novel chapter—or want to discuss ideas, and learn more about creative writing at King’s and beyond:

Make an appointment with the Creative Writing Consultant or the Creative Writing Assistant. Please do not book on this schedule for any other type of writing feedback.


Appointments are available during our business hours:
In-person (KC113): Monday-Friday: 9:30am-4:30pm
Online: Monday-Friday: 7:30 am-9:30 pm
Please book a time during any available time-slot on

  1. Hover over the “Welcome” menu.
  2. Scroll down to “My Appointments.”
  3. If you have any upcoming appointments they will be listed to the right of “My Appointments.”
  4. Click on the date and time of the appointment to open the “View Existing Appointment” window, where you can start or join a synchronous appointment, edit the appointment to attach files, or cancel the appointment.

After registering, use the first available white slot to request an appointment. Your request will be moved to the earliest available session, and you will be sent a notification.