An appointment guarantees that you will see a tutor at a set time, but you are welcome to drop in at KC 113.  Make an appointment during busy periods to avoid wait times.

You will work with tutors from all disciplines.  Our peer tutors are upper-year students with strong academic skills, and our senior tutors have graduate degrees and teaching experience.  We have at least two tutors every year who can help students with French essays.

No. Our services are completely confidential.  If your instructor offers bonus marks for visiting The Write Place, we will inform them of your attendance, but we will not discuss your work with anyone without your permission.

No, we do not proofread. Your tutor will ask you questions about what you want to say in your paper, and give feedback about clarity and organization.  But we can teach YOU how to proofread your own work.  We will focus on one or two writing issues in each session.

Not at all.  Bring your ideas, rough notes, drafts, or whatever you’re working on, and we’ll help you, wherever you are in the writing process. Bring your assignment question or topic.

Yes; we work with students in all formats, including digital and hard copies.

We offer email feedback ONLY on assignments set for a Distance Studies (online) course. We will email you in 48 hours with a page of overall feedback; we will not ‘edit’ the submitted manuscript.

If your instructor permits it, and if all members of the group are present, we will gladly discuss your group project with you. We cannot discuss a group assignment with a single member of the group.

Definitely!  Many students find that working on a written assignment with the help of multiple tutors helps them improve organization, persuasiveness, and clarity.

Your instructor decides your grade; we would never presume to predict marks.  We work with you on improving your overall writing ability and treat each paper as a step in the process.