Want to learn more about the environment and sustainability? Check out these nine courses currently taught at King’s.

1100 Fundamentals of Geography

A systematic descriptive introduction to the diverse elements of landscape including geomorphic, climatic and biotic elements, human settlement and land-use patterns; cartographic approaches to the analysis of selected processes of landscape change; an introduction to the synthesis of elements and processes in spatial systems models

2138 F/G Microeconomic Policy

This course deals with contemporary microeconomic policy issues of the Canadian economy. Topics may include industrial and environmental regulation, trade policy, public finance and labour markets.

English 2262F/G - Water and Civilization: Literature, Ecology, Activism

This course examines non-fictional accounts of the relationship between water (its management and mythology) and the development of diverse civilizations. This course alternates between historical examples from around the world and a specific focus on the Great Lakes Basin, including a group project for improving the ecology of the Thames.

4705E Topics in North American Environmental History

History 4705E is a senior seminar course that studies themes in North American environmental history, employing scholarship drawn primarily from Canada and the United States. The course examines changing relationships between humans and other aspects of the natural world from colonial times to the present. Specific topics include the study of environmental history as a scholarly discipline; the impact of European colonization on aboriginal cultures and landscapes; regional variations in the use and development of natural resources; changing attitudes toward the wilderness; the conservation and environmental movements; government policies and environmental regulation; the role of science (especially ecology) and its impact on popular thought and public policy; and aspects of human health and environmental justice.

2235E Politics of the Environment

An examination of human impacts on the earth's ecosystems, and the political responses to these impacts, with particular attention to the effects of industrial technologies and economic patterns, and the underlying values that support these. This course will draw upon concepts from economics, geography, and biology as well as political science.

4430E Critical Security Studies

An introduction to the burgeoning field of Critical Security Studies. Central to the field is the extent to which both what is critical and what is security remain unresolved. Themes include: security and identity; securitization; gender and security; security and technology; environmental security; and human security.

1020E Intro to social justice and peace

An interdisciplinary introduction to the symbolic, institutional and individual aspects of systemic oppression in local and global contexts. Focusing on the realities of conflict, environmental degradation, poverty, the sex trades, sweatshops, and militarism, the course introduces students to theories of social justice and peace and strategies for social change.

4401 F/G Contemporary Canadian Issues in SJ&P

A survey of contemporary Canadian issues of injustice and conflict such as aboriginal rights, health, disability, housing , family and child poverty, homelessness, racism, gender inequality and environmental concerns. The role of the state, police and military in these areas of concern will be examined. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in an organization, government agency, or group addressing one or more of these issues.

4402 F/G Contemporary Global Issues in SJ&P

A survey of contemporary global issues of social justice, peace and conflict emphasizing international human rights, global economic justice, global environmental concerns, international and inter-ethnic arenas of conflict and the viability of peace initiatives of the United Nations and other national and international bodies. Active involvement in an organization pursuing social justice and peace initiatives will be encouraged. This course will be considered preparation for an overseas experience in programs affiliated with King's, to which students will be introduced during the term.

2220 A/B Sociology of the Environment I

This course examines environmental issues and concerns from a sociological perspective. Topics include environmental values, attitudes and behaviour; environmental movements; the political economy of the environment and environmental risk and risk assessment. Debates surrounding such concepts as sustainable development will also be emphasized.

2221 A/B Sociology of the Environment II

This course focuses on case studies in environmental justice, a form of social justice relating equity to fairness in environmental management. Emphasis on the extent to which hazardous wastes and other industrial pollutants disproportionately burden communities made up of minorities and the poor and their efforts to reduce the risks.